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Prison Break Finale


So, this show is finally ending tomorrow night (Fri. 5/15) with a 2 hr finale.

I think most people lost interest during the 3rd Season but I personally loved every episode. Season 4 was interesting to say the least. Even though it's strayed from it's original concept, I'm pleased with the way the plot unfolded and there's been plenty of intense moments throughout.

Has anyone else stuck through the whole thing and planning on watching the finale?


Yea I have about the last three episodes on PVR, I will watch them shortly here. The series has had many ups and downs but overall I have enjoyed it


Prison break was enjoyable when they were in prison, but when they finally broke out, the show seemed to stretch it out as long as possible. But finally they are ending it. I haven’t seen any episodes of the new season, its all on DVR, I like watching episode after episode, I always hated waiting next week to find out what happens…


I also stopped watching a few episodes after they broke out.


This show has become a total cluster fuck. It should have been dead and buried long ago, they are jumping the shark to a ridiculous degree. I wish LOST would get lost too btw.


[quote]aznt0rk wrote:
Prison break was enjoyable when they were in prison, but when they finally broke out, the show seemed to stretch it out as long as possible.[/quote]

I agree. The first season was great, second season was ok - they stretched it a bit but it was still watchable. (I remember the doc, Sarah Wayne Calles, was really cute.) Didn’t see the third season (I’d heard they were ending it after that but apparently someone changed their mind).

I’ll probably catch up with the eps on Hulu.


The first season was very interesting, because they kept the story small and compact. In the second season, they escaped and were being hunted down while searching for treasure, that was OK. Third season, they went to prison in Panama; stupid, but I still watched it. The beginning of the fourth season seemed so stupid that I refused to watch it past 2 episodes. Go to prison, escape, repeat.

They kept stretching the story and dragging it on and on to the point where it became overly convoluted.


wow what and ending. Atleast I thought it was good.

Agree that it should have ended at season one.


I thought they did a really good job with the ending, considering the circumstances. The producers thought they would have another two seasons to play with, and suddenly the network tells them “you’re canceled. Wrap it up in 5 shows”.

I did wish they let T-Bag go free. He was an absolute scumbag but when you saw flashbacks of his upbringing you could understand why he became that way. When you saw him impersonating the sales executive you got the feeling that if he were allowed to continue at that position, earning the respect of others, that he would abandon his old ways and straighten himself out. Possibly, anyway.


Yea, the ending was great. I don’t think they could have done it any other way.

Welp, guess I can sell my TV now since everything else sucks.