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Priscilla Ribic Deadlifts from the Arnold


Here are all 3 of Priscilla Ribic Deadlift attempts from the Arnold!
She did a great job!

Priscilla Ribic 496 Deadlift opener at 2009 Arnold Sports Festival!

Priscilla Ribic 523 Deadlift at 2009 Arnold Sports Festival!

Priscilla Ribic 540 lb Deadlift at 2009 Arnold Sports Festival!


(I am not saying this to criticize her or in the slightest minimize her performance.)

Wow, I was astonished besides by the excellent weight and form, how short her ROM is. I don't know if I've ever seen that.

I had to replay it to figure what was going on, as she hadn't seemed to have odd skeletal proportions.

Still didn't seem odd in proportions at all on second viewing either, but how is it her back is so nearly vertical with the legs bent only to a partial squat position?

And wait a second: how are her hands at her knees -- virtually so -- at the finish position? Mine are about 9" above the top of the knees!

Yet, her proportions still seemed normal. No ape-like short legs, apparently long arms, unproportionate torso, or anything.

She's a natural DL'er for sure, on top of obviously having worked extremely hard.


I can't figure it either. Something doesn't look like what I'm used to seeing...


She's barely 5 ft tall. Stood next to her at the Con-Crete supplement booth at the Los Angeles Fit Expo in January.

Her stance puts her toes almost touching the plates. I would love to have those leverages...plus, she has no fear of the deadlift.


I saw her at USAPL Women's Nationals. She looks perfectly normal, albeit covered in muscle.

I think she's around 5'2" or so. She has the most amazing butt I've ever seen.


Damn that video was impressive.


She's an extremely good technician, thats something us North American's seem to lack and where the Europeans (especially the Russians/Polish/Ukrainians etc.) gain a good amount of ground on us.

I know very few people that can pull properly with their toes all the way out to the plates, it just takes an insane amount of hip flexibility to do so properly.


I used to see her at meets locally about 5 years ago as we are both from Eastern Washington. I think she was pulling 350 or so then. Her legs are huge compared to what they were. She was always real nice and a really good lifter.


Thanks for the link. It's crazy how easy she made them all look.


She must have insane hip flexibility to get down to the bar with that stance.



pics or it didn't happen.


She is the real deal, a multi national and world champ in both PL AND the BP. Amazing for somebody really built to DL. Technically superb and a TON of muscle, lower body in particular.

Also her website has amazing customer service if you need Titan gear.

Final reason i am a big fan is when i needed a handler at Men's nationals a few years ago she offered her help immediately. I had bought a few shirts and suits from her but as a World Champ she had no need to handle somebody with no realistic chance of winning unless jack bauer thought everybody but me in my weight class were terrorists.

She knows what she is doing and is damn good at it.


I was at the 2008 Arnold back stage watching the warm-ups for the IPF deadlift.Priscilla striped down to her panties to get into her deadlift suit.Her panties had a big smiley face on the ass, which put a smile on my face.


At Women's Nationals, they had a winking smiley face!

I suppose we are all superstitious with our gear!

And no, I didn't take pics!


See, I used to like you PMPM, but you really need to be more of a team player. That goes for you too Keith.






I must have been standing near that person filming because that is the exact angle I was watching her. We only stuck around to watch the 523 lift. She is small but powerfull. My buddy was like "the only reason she can get that much weight up so easy is beacuse she is so short". He does not really lift..


Yes, the only reason.

They could have lined up all the short people (same height or less) in the audience and each of them could have pulled that DL.


I don't think she has inordinantly long arms. I think she just does a good job of rolling her shoulders/upper back forward. If you do this right with a maximal weight pulling everything down, it is shocking how low your lockout really is.