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Priority training and heavy cycle - input needed!!

I want bigger pecs and biceps and want to prioritize them in an upcoming cycle.

I figured I´d work chest twice every eight days
for 9 sets (warmups not included) followed by 2 sets of chins, 2 sets of side-raises (day 1 and 5) and possibly some external rotation work.

On day 3 I´d do 6 sets of biceps work followed by two quad movements for 6 working sets total along with one calf movement (no soleus standing variations only) for 3-4 sets.

on day 7 : 6 sets of biceps work, 3 sets of good mornings followed by 3 sets of leg curls for 6 sets of hams work total followed by abs - 4-6 sets.

The steroid cycle is 1000 mg of test.ent (split on two inj. weekly for weeks 1-6 , 400 mg of deca (injected on weeks 1-5). On weeks 7-8 1000 mg of test prop split into 3 inj. per week.
Dbol at 30 mg days 1-40 and 60 mg on days 31-60 along with 50 mg of clomid and 500 IU´s of HCG ED.

I might add 400 mg of primo on weeks 6-8. (I would like to add winny but cant afford it…)

My reasoning behind this plan is that my CNS recovery will be better if workouts are limited to 60-70 minutes every other day.

Volume for delts and triceps needs to be this low because of heavy stress during chest work.
Biceps are not heavily stressed doing chest and their involvement in 2 sets of lat work is negible.

Any suggestions to my plan as far as drugs or training go are much appreciated. If this doesn´t work I´m getting pec implants.