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Priority in Spine Injury Recovery


My doctor told me to lose some weight (fat) and gain strength in core muscles in order to mitigate my spine condition. As far as I know, it is very difficult to achieve both at the same time. After some reading, I understand that I could be actually loosing strength when leaning or making weight when working on my strength.


  1. What should I focus on first - loosing weight or gaining strength?
  2. Are there any supplements (other than protein powder), which a) you would recommend, b) which are relatively cheap and c) which are considered safe (so no ephedrine, etc.)?
  3. Are there any workout approaches, which I would adopt? I tried HST a few years ago and quite liked it but am not sure, if it would be appropriate in this situation.

Thanks for help!

you can do a strength program with a caloric deficit that will promote fat loss. you can also superset/do complexes to create more of an oxygen debt to burn more calories.

if you don’t eat a caloric surplus, you won’t put on extra weight.

Interesting; I thought it is impossible to gain strength while being on a caloric deficit.

[quote]mmike wrote:
Interesting; I thought it is impossible to gain strength while being on a caloric deficit.

It’s not impossible. It’s harder but if you lift with intensity you can gain strength. Strength isn’t only related to your muscle mass.
I would advise not to neglect your workout nutrition, particularly you pre-workout nutrition. your body needs some form of carbs for fuel during your strength training if you want to be able to lift with any kind of intensity.

What spine condition do you have exactly?

You may not gain a lot of strength in every lift or all the big lifts while dieting, but you can certainly improve core strength while dieting.

CT’s Destroying Fat program is excellent for fat loss, and you can pick movements (and perform them correctly) to prioritize core strength. The band work is excellent for core stability IMO.

If you are a beginning lifter you can absolutely increase strength while losing weight. If you are already fairly advanced with lifting then you may be limited to holding strength even while losing weight.

And remember, the goal is to cut ‘fat’ not weight. This is done by eating the right amount, the right things, and having a calorie deficit. Lifting tells your body to keep/build muscle which means more of your weight loss will be fat loss… all good things.