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Prioritization (?)

Need help. I’ve tried to find a reference to the prinicples of prioritization using the search function but I get too many keyword matches. Can someone point me to a definitive article? Thanks.

Ian King discusses it in detail in issue 139, Bring the Pain.

The only one I can think of off the top of my head is Poliquin’s ‘Achieving Structural Balance’ found in issue #52. The only drawback with it is the article only deals with the upper body.

That article by Poliquin is indeed excellent.

Get Dr.Tudor O. Bompa’s book on PERIODIZATION!!! Thats pretty much all you need.

Very cool but not exactly what I expected. I already do most of this stuff (by chance).

Lipo, what exactly are you looking for? Rules and guidelines to determine prioritization, specific workouts, etc.?

I’m looking for methods of targeting specific bodyparts for increased growth.

Lipo, Ian King does a great job in his book ‘How to Write Strength Training Programs’. He devotes a whole chapter to this issue. If you don’t have access to this book, check out: ‘The Top Seven Ways to F— Up in the Gym!’ in issue #46 (specifically tips 2-4), ‘The Ian King Cheat Sheets, Part II’ in issue #172 (specifically the info under the heading ‘Specialization and MAintenance’), ‘The Ian King Cheat Sheets, Part 1’ in issue #171 (specifically the info under the heading ‘Balance and Exercise Order’. Hope this helps.

Thanks. I’ve gone thru a couple of those but I’ll pick up the rest.