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Prioritization: Legs?

I’ve been following CW’s programs with great success. My only problem is that I used to be one of those fools that rarely worked my legs. While I have made gains, I’m still sporting the chicken legs.

Should I focus on legs for a few weeks (how long?) while I perform maintenance on other body parts, OR should I just stick with my current program and hope that my legs will catch up? If I do follow a leg-specific training program, any recommendations? Thanks.

If you do not prioritize legs you will probably continue to have an unbalanced physique, unless your legs happen to grow more rapidly than the rest of your of your body. So the question in my mind is how quickly do you want to correct the imbalance? If you are in a hurry, you will probably want to switch to a maintenance scheme for the rest of your physique while prioritizing legs.

See Chad’s recent article “Perfect 10 Training” for an example of how to prioritize a lagging muscle group. In that thread I list a sample routine I plan on using for legs.

Another approach would be to keep doing whatever program you chose and simply working your legs harder. You can do this by working legs closer to concentric failure or by doing more set/rep volume for legs compared to your other muscle groups. Chad’s “The Set/Rep Bible” article is also a useful read.

Perfect 10 Training:

The Set/Rep Bible:

Good luck

look up CT’s pillars of strength