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Printing the Workouts

Anybody got any suggestions on how to print the online workout articles. I can never get it to work right and my computer cord isn’t long enough to reach the gym (Just kidding.) It would be nice to have it in an easily printed format.

It’s a lot more work, but I put it all on an Excel file. I add columns for comments and weight lifted, reps, warm-up weights, etc. I do it in my spare time at work, so it is actually a nice break from the drudgery of work.

Try highlighting the text and pasting it into
a text program - Word or whatever. then format as desired.

I did like michele and Hyok both! The diet articles went to Word, and the training articles to Excel so I could add stuff and print a training rrecord all at once. I now have a binder full of diets and training regimens, and even a few Strasseroid columns to share with my “close” gymrat buds.

Since you are using Word, it can print out 2 pages per sheet (or 4 or 8). 2 is still highly legible, and it then is booklet sized. I’ve never done it, but you can print it out as a real booklet, 2 pages/sheet on both front and back; just add staples in the middle and fold to finish it. A utility called Fineprint does this same shrinking operation, but for all printer output, not just Word’s.