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Printing T-Mag

I was wondering how do I print out my favorite articles on t-mag? Everytime I do the paper prints black because of the black background what is the procedure to get those articles with the black backgrund thanks for any help!

At the bottom of every article there is a “Text Version” link. If you click that, it will give you a black and white article with very little formatting. These are much easier to print.

Copy and paste them into a word processor. You still have to change the color of the text, though.

At the bottom of each article, you’ll see a link for “Printer Friendly Version.” Just click on that and print the one that opens.

Or, copy and paste the entire article into your word program, clear the background, and have at it.

Hope this helps.

You must read the articles out loud into a tape recorder, and hire a transcriptionist to transcribe them into a word processing document. You must try to draw all images by hand, and then hire a graphic artist to redraw your drawings into higher quality image. Take all documents to Kinko’s and have them combine and print the documents for you.


To the Mage: Good advice, but you forgot the part about having the text translated into Lithuanian, then into Urdu, then back into English - which is, of course, a vitally necessary step in the process, as we’re trying to spread the T-mag gospel to other nations.

Please don’t be so careless in the future.

I apologize for my transgression. Konichiwa.

use an Poloraid instamatic camera

Its funny all the flamming seems to come from the “Dog Pound”. I find it amusing.

Fitone, you’re a dumbass. People were joking around, coming up with amusing ways to get the articles into print. They were not flames.

This however, is a flame on you. (I am not in the Pound.)