Printed testosterone

Please tell me that the new printed testosterone is about to hit the stands. My subcript just ran out and seeing as how I can pick it up on the newstnds up to 2 wks. before I got it in the mail, I’ll get it there (never could figure this out). All the other mags sux shit when it comes to pertinent info and up to date studies and articles. Hell this months Ironman has real time cofessions of Jay Cutler. Who gives a rats ass!!! Anna Kournikova maybe but not Jay. Shit I really don’t give a damn about any IFBB pro. Your mag and website are without a doubt the upper echelon of real bodybuilding. Nothing else comes close. That goes for Biotest supps,also. Okay now that I’ve kissed enough ass please put out a new mag soon before I find myself weakining and reading about how creatine really does work!!! Also thank GOD you came back out with Classic Grow, without a doubt the best MRP on the planet. Well now that I’ve made myself sick with all this goo shit talk I’ll go. Put out the fucking new magazine, please