Printed t-mag

When is the next printed t-mag coming out? Any info. from the t-mag staff would be appreciated.

I think it’s at the printers right now and should be out to paid subscribers soon. BTW, the printed mag should be coming out more regularly now.

[Begin ad] For those that don’t subscribe, remember, the printed mag has a lot of new material you won’t see at the website, plus you get a free Testosterone shirt and poster when you subscribe. [End ad]

You sure about the mag coming out more frequently Shugs?? You’ve been saying that for the last two issues! :wink:

TC’s dog keeps eating the proof sheets. :slight_smile:

Chris - Thanks for the info. At that, the original six issues will come to an end soon. Will there be more issues? Will we need to re-subscribe? Thanks for any info you can provide.

That explains! Just like when the dog ate my homework in school! LOL!

The printed mag will be coming out regularly (not every month, but regularly) and if you’ve subscribed you’ll get six issues then need to re-subscribe. Now, Tim was nice enough to send many of the old VIPs (people who signed on to the site before we ever even had a paper mag) a few free issues. I’m pretty sure you’ll have to be a paid subscriber now to get the new paper issues. Retailers who sell Biotest will carry the mag and I think we’ll be getting into more bookstores soon. (We did very well in our test run at Barnes and Noble.)

For the paper mag, we’ll have all original columns that won’t be repeated at the site- Heavy Metal, Strasseroids, If They Had the Balls, Gang of Five, Atomic Dog, etc. Plus I’ll have a new column called “Gut Check” that will only be in the paper mag and we’ll run a couple of new feature articles. The mag also has cutting edge news in our “Testosterone Inquisitor” section (ha ha).

Lastly, we’ll re-run a few “best of” articles which will be updated as necessary. For example, the Diet Manifesto will be run again, but we updated it to include John Berardi’s diets and a few others. BTW, you can subscribe at the Biotest store here: If anyone has any more Q’s just let me know or call customer service at 800-525-1940. If this sounds too much like a blatant ad, then please call 1-800-KISS-MY-BIG-MUSCULAR-BUTT. :wink:

Chris - Thanks, man!

Chris,last year I tried to subscribe to the print version of T-mag,I recieved an e-mail saying you guys weren’t sending subscriptions internationally.Do you know if this is still the case?

Not sure on that, Boombam, better call customer service. I think some UK’ers are getting the mag through Biotest UK, but I don’t know if they’re subscribing or just getting it with their supplements.

Just wanted to let you know I got the “cutting edge/inquisitor” thing. Choo veddy smart, main!

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Hey Chris S., do you know if Biotest t-shirts are available in lieu of T-rone shirts? The ones you gave out at the Arnold were great, and I’d like to get some more.

Huey- I think so. I know they were giving them away with supp orders too there for a while. I’m sure if you called they could hook you up.

I found the paper mag in Tops (one of the ‘international’ stores) last month…you can look there