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PR'ing after Candito 6 Week | Spreading Out Attempts?

I have finished candito 6 week and have decided to go for my PR’s.
Should I do it like monday squat, wednesday bench, and friday deadliftt,
OR all 3 today.
Originally I was planning doing it all today “meet style”, because I figured my CNS could be hit to hard by fridays deadlifts, but perhaps going for all 3 will make me underperform anyways?
How do you guys approach this situation where you test your new max?
Also, Important to note, my squat and deadlift attempts will likely be big milestone lifts for me if I complete them, however, bench will be 5% under my all time pr as my bench sucked on candito.

I only really do that in a meet. You don’t need to do max singles in training, rep max PRs or non-max singles are just as good of an indication that you are getting stronger. If your best squat was 500 and now you can do 490x3 or 510 for an easy single you got stronger, no need to test actual maxes because there isn’t much to be gained.

But that’s how it is in a meet

I’ve run the candito program twice. It worked absolute magic for me. The first time, I maxed out squat, rested a day, maxed out bench, rested 2 days, then maxed out deadlift. The second time, I used it going into a meet.

I found similar things with the candito program. My opener deadlift at the meet was my entered tested 1RM going into the program the second time. That being said, don’t let your bench slack in order to conserve energy for deadlifts or anything. That sounds like it could build a cycle of letting ur bench get behind and then not prioritizing it