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Principle of Critical Drop Off Point

What’s?Whenever you do a set in wich your training load(in Kg or Lbs) drop more that X% beneath your max or…?

What’s this point for Realtive Strength?And for Max strength?
And for Hypertrofy in average people?

uh, your post is a little tough to read. I’m gonna tak e a shot at it, let me know if I miss the point.

I think you are asking why certain workouts say to use 60% of your 1RM for 3 sets of 8 reps. The numbers are variable but you want to know the reason for this concept. That is a deceptivly tricky question.

Strength: you don’t use your 1RM max all the time because it leds to injury and it’s very hard to move up if you just keep pushing 300lbs one time and then going home. Your muscles get more exhausted if you push 225 for five sets of four than if you had quit after one push of 300. More exhaustion means more overcompensation by the muscles and in the end muscle growth.

Hypertrophy: Now this is where it gets complicated. Not all reps are made the same. People have found over the years that after about six reps the body doesn’t react quite the same. when you start to do lower percentages but double digit reps you tend to increase muscle size more than strength. This probably has to do with the muscle trying to create more fibers to share to load to increase endurance. If you had only 30 muscle fibers and each could move ten pounds of force. If that muscle had to move that thirty pounds it would be worn out fast (so fast you wouldn’t get it moved) but if the muscle doubled to 60 fibers and you gave it the same weight, it would able to put 30 fibers to work while the others rested and you could keep rotating the workload and move that 30 pounds longer. So that is why body builders do high reps, lower weight.

That is way oversimplified and someone else may want to add to it but it hits the idea and I think it address the question.