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Princeton University Panics Over Racism

Oh man! I would have posted this earlier, but I was laughing too hard to type. Breaking story…
So Princeton University President Eisgruber pens an open letter stating how racist Princeton University is and has been.
There is a tinee, tiny little problem. To get federal grants, universities have to sign documents on the record that they do not discriminate based on race. Well, the Department of Education got wind of this. So it turns out, if any university signs off on federal grants, it has to demonstrate is it not racist. Problem is now, that the president just wrote an open-letter that not only is there racism in Princeton, but it is systemic and deep and goes through all its institutions…
This is ‘get woke, go broke’ on an epic level. Now Princeton is facing an investigation by the DOE. And what I mean by facing, is it’s coming in 20 days… They are not only facing having to pay back over $75 million in grants, but massive fines. Also, the Department of Justice is looking into the admissions for potential crimes, not the least of which is fraudulently accessing federal grants. This dumbass may have very well just talked his way into prison.
Hey, if you are a racist, I say it’s better to admit it. But this is an epic fail by any measure… LOLOLOLOL!

The idiot’s letter:


I’m not giddy.

I’m kinda disturbed that this iconoclastic movement has enough momentum to seriously damage real and valuable institutions and the people who make them great.

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Oh I love this.


This is a good thing.

They are bloated relics anyways. If we are lucky they will have to cut some programs. Maybe they will be forced to cut these social science programs.


You think that the Grand Poobah of WokeManistan is going to take the sword of social justice and hack off the social sciences programs?



I am not entirely sure who your referring to. Grand Poobah of WokeManistan haha thats great though.

I was just operating under the premise that if they have to pay back 75 million dollars or more then cuts will need to be made. For me it would be perfect if those cuts came from those indoctrinating curricullums that are producing a lot of these woke retards running around the streets.

Some might call that the pot calling the kettle black. I may be retarded but at least I am not woke.


So if you are Princeton, do you admit to the pandering or do you throw staff under the bus, come up with a list of people who will sue you into oblivion and face the fraud thing?


This is like an episode of Seinfeld lol.


They could dial back the English and Math departments.

Two pillars of white privilege reinforcement.


I’m so proud of the headway we’re making in education and technology. China managed to land a probe on the dark side of the moon while we here are on a 24-7 hunt for racists and privileged people. This all makes me feel so hopeful for my children’s academic and career plans.

When the time comes to looking at majors, say, math, engineering, or medicine, or a trade school, the first and foremost thing we will consider is the possibility that someone in the classroom, teacher or student, will have an unsavory thought buzzing through his or hear head. Career prospects and academic goals and objectives will be secondary.

What’s just as bad is some guy in the class might have the nerve to flirt with a woman, and that’s an expression of objectification of women!

All of this is having great results. Why do you think Gen Z’ers and millenials are so much more well read, responsible and higher-earning, well behaved, and disciplined than Gen X’ers? They’re operating on a higher level than you.


This goes to show you that all the degrees from the most prestigious university can’t replace common sense.

There must be some way for Princeton to deal with this, like fire him or get him to resign and then say he was just talking some far left bullshit and looking for attention.

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From what I read, it’s too late. So it breaks down very simply, the government doles out grants to universities. To get these grants, universities have to sign documents and agreements that is complies with the law. I will let the DOE’s letter explain it:
"Princeton’s compliance with Title
VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 42 U.S.C. § 2000d et seq. Title VI provides no person in the
United States shall, on the ground of race, color, or national origin, be excluded from participation
in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity
receiving Federal financial assistance. Also, Princeton has made many material nondiscrimination
and equal opportunity representations to students, parents, and consumers in the market for
education certificates during this time. "

So President hitler of Princeton writes an open letter to the world explaining how they have been violating the law all along. The DOE said, ‘wait a minute, you have put your own signature on these documents stating you are complying with the law and now you say you aren’t and haven’t been for some time. Therefore, you unlawfully took federal grants as well as defrauded the student body and donors as well as former graduates, etc. Therefore, you have 4 weeks to open your books and prepare for an investigation from the DOE and the DOJ.’

This from DOE letter:
"On September 2, 2020, you admitted Princeton’s educational program is and for decades
has been racist. Among other things, you said “[r]acism and the damage it does to people of color
persist at Princeton …” and “[r]acist assumptions…remain embedded in structures of the
University itself "

So whether this nimrod resigns or not, Princeton is still under investigation. Makes sense, this guy admitted that he and the school have been racist. The law specifically states that to receive the grants, they have to sign off that they comply with the law. Now they have to open their books… I wonder what they will find in them…

Hey, I think any organization who makes an admission like this should be investigated. It’s one thing to be ‘woke’ it’s another to say ‘we’re racists’. They could have sent a letter decrying racism without admitting they’re racist, but they didn’t. They admitted they are racist. And when someone admits it, I believe them.


Here is the DOE’s letter in full. It’s an awesome read. Best official letter ever:

Here’s the part of Princeton’s open letter that they would have done better to leave out and what sparked the investigation:
“Racism and the damage it does to people of color nevertheless persist at Princeton as in our society, sometimes by conscious intention but more often through unexamined assumptions and stereotypes, ignorance or insensitivity, and the systemic legacy of past decisions and policies. Race-based inequities in America’s health care, policing, education, and employment systems affect profoundly the lives of our staff, students, and faculty of color.
Racist assumptions from the past also remain embedded in structures of the University itself. For example, Princeton inherits from earlier generations at least nine departments and programs organized around European languages and culture, but only a single, relatively small program in African studies.”


We put men on the moon, decades ago.

I’m aware of this.




I think the obvious thing that happens here is that they come out and say this was all just hyperbole, and that there is no evidence of racism. The president will step down, and we will forget. My prediction.

I think that the suit against Harvard (and it sounds like Yale now too) is going to be interesting to follow (good chance of going to the supreme court). I think it is easy to show that anti-Asian / white racism is at play in admissions here. The question is “is that an okay thing to do so that we have POC represented in the Ivy league”? I think it hinges on that based on what I have read. If it makes it to the supreme court, I predict that Harvard / Yale lose with the new composition of the supreme court justices.

I almost pissed myself laughing reading this story initially. The whole “there’s a racist behind every blade of grass” crowd are such a bunch of retards.


I am in academia, and there is a huge push to address “anti-racism” and inclusivity. There are workshops and discussions on this, many of which are required by my University. By having these, you are admitting that racial inequality still exists, but also recognizing it is worthwhile to take active measures to eradicate it.

I predict what will happen is:

  1. It will be dropped and not result in a real investigation, or…
  2. Many other Universities will come out with letters of open support, stating similar intentions on their own campus. This would make it an impossibility to actively investigate the entire higher education system.

I would be shocked if the President is fired.

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Be vewy vewy quiet. People might think you’re a nut case conspiwacy theowist.