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Prince Phillip is a funny guy

Recently, he was talking with a disabled lady who is also blind & he notices she has her dog with her when they were talking. Then he says ‘Do you know they hae eating dogs for the anorexic now?’. In 1998 he went to Australia & asked a student who just returned from a walking tour of Papua New Guinea, ‘You managed to not get eaten then?’. Back in 1986 he was in China & told some British students, ‘If you stay herer much longer, you’ll be all slitty-eyed.’ lolololololol :smiley:

LOL That’s some funny shit. You got any more stories?

dude, nice to “steal” from Rush Limbaugh’s show. He said these things last week, Friday I believe

In the beginning of the nineties he greetet our then-chancelor (i´m from germany) with:
“Good morning Herr Reichskanzler”
Reichskanzler was the official titel of Adolf Hitler

I saw them on Yahooo news yesterday.