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Prince of Dorkness?


That fucking Ozzy... gives metal a bad name. It's not like he really needs any more money.


It's sad that Dio dies, yet Ozzy lives to pull this bullshit.


^You & Ozzy favor a bit, ID?


I don't understand the question, Print.


The even sadder part is I think Bieber is getting paid more than Ozzy.


Hey if your going to sell out, best you sell ALL the way out.


You look alike? W/the eye shadow & all. How often are you stopped in the street w/people thinking you're Ozzy?


Every day.



Butthurt is a serious disease that affects thousands each day and is responsible for the cancelling of several shows a year.


Ozzy -

talent challenged Brit.
Picked up by phenomenal guitarist and songwriter
fronted heavy metal band for years.
gets kicked out
wallows in pity, until picked up by another phenomenal guitarist and songwriter
popularity soars in spite of him
phenomenal guitarist and songwriters life ended tragically
wallows in pity, until picked up and brushed off by another Brit (wife)
popularity soars in spite of him
MTV airs show of them and their lives, Ozzy speaks unintelligible drivel entire time while pissing himself
Annual Ozzfest is a huge hit, inspite of his challenges (speech, incontinence)
Now sells himself totally out while appearing with androgynous pre-teen

This brings us to the present
the future may go like this...

Ozzy's successful run for Governor of California propels him to the White House
10 years later, he is running the United Nations
Moves UN to Bagdad
initiates WWIII for purposes of peace
Nukes entire world. For peace.

He becomes the Anti-Christ.


He fired Zakk Wylde. It's all downhill from there. Zakk was the only thing keeping Ozzy relevant.


^FOOK!! I thought that was PCH posting. I was bout to give her props.


I would imagine that, at this point, it's more about trying to stay relevant than making more money...

...though the extra cash certainly doesn't hurt.




Zakk is better off without him. He had nothing more to gain from staying with Ozzy, and working on Ozzy's albums wasn't doing anything but taking his focus off of Black Label. Now that he only has one thing to focus on, we'll probably see a new BLS album every year/18 months instead of that 4 year break between Shot to Hell and Order of the Black.




You really fucked up now dude. Tuck your fucking shirt in, class is in session.

Talent-challenged? That's laughable. He "writes" (more like "comes up with") melodies yet doesn't even have a cursory understanding of music theory. Just the sound of his voice absolutely SCREAMS metal. He could sing Bah Bah Blacksheep and it would sound heavy.

Giving all of Sabbath's success to Iommi is fucking retarded too. Geezer and Bill Ward were just as important as Iommi and Ozzy. A few of the main riffs were originally bass riffs that Iommi just played as power chords. The song Black Sabbath is a prime example of that.

Fact is, Sabbath was a unit. There is a reason Heaven and Hell sounded so much different.

Yes, Ozzy got fired, twice. So did Bill Ward. Big fucking deal.

Right. He "wallowed in pity" for what, a year until Blizzard of Ozz was released? Yet again, you attribute 100% of his success solely to the lead guitarist. Randy was great, yeah, but was he as great with Quiet Riot? No. Ozzy must have contributed something then, right?

Ozzy's ability and his wife's management have a lot more to do with his success than any of the players in HIS band. Otherwise how is he still enduring now that he's on his 5th guitarist, 5th bassist, and 7th drummer? How did he not collapse when Iommi kicked him out, or when Randy died, or when Jake E. Lee left, etc?

Instead of saying "the guitarists made Ozzy", doesn't it make more sense to say "Ozzy made his guitarists"?

Ozzy clearly doesn't give a fuck what anyone thinks and never has. He's 63 years old, has done more drugs, drank more booze, and rocked harder than most people could ever dream. You can call it selling out, he'll call it "my wife's new Bentley in half a day's work", only it will sound like "Mmmdfdadfuckinell bloodyaadfkdlsdkfn bieverdsafokfj bestbuybddaekadd" when he says it. Besides, he's making a commercial with the fucking kid, not an album. People need to calm down with all of this "sellout" bullshit. He's endorsing Best Buy, not Justin Bieber.


It's Armageddon, I tell ya. Armageddon.


With the amount of drugs he has taken in his life, do you think he even knows what he's doing?


Oh please. Just look up some of the stuff Geezer has said about what a load Ozzy was. Couldn't even write his own songs is just the beginning! Sabbath's talent was Geezer and Tony. Ozzy was just at the right place at the right time. ANYONE could have sung those parts. There's nothing remarkable about his vocals. Sabbath may have inspired a ton of bands since, but how many teen wanna-bes ever said "I wanna sing like Ozzy when I grow up!"? They were all wanting to sound like Robert Plant.

And nobody's saying there's anything wrong with making a ton of cash. It's just the way he's doing it that is so.... Bieberish! LOL What a joke. Then again that duo he did with Jessica Simpson a couple of years ago was already an indication that Ozzy is no longer in control of his own destiny. His wife obviously wears the pants, the purse, and the strap-on.


I thought this was another call out....

But I'm the Count not the Prince. I do believe I have a shot at being prince after Ozzy pulled this shit.