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Prince = Genius


...with a capital G.

I know it's not "T-Man" music and his feminine tendancies are bizarre to say the least, but I don't think anything more original has ever been committed to record. I just don't know how it's even possible to come up with this shit. He puts Michael Jackson to shame creatively. And, to top it off, the dude can flat out rip.

If you disagree you are a liar and I will fight you.


What are some of your favourite songs then?

I only started listening to him 2 weeks ago, his image had put me off before then to be honest.

So far my favourite tracks are: "Power Fantastic"; "Raspberry Beret"; "Diamonds & Pearls" & "7".

I guess I prefer his ballads (I definitely didn't like everything I heard), any suggestions?


Prince rocks! Purple Rain is one of the best albums ever conceived; the man has serious guitar skills. "Computer Blues" is one of my favorites.


O god, the Prince vs. Michael Jackson debate 25 years after the fact....Keerist...DB and I had this fight with every other kid back when cool was a rule...but sometimes bad was bad...


Prince has to be the most versatile musician and artist in music. Anyone who comes close only does so as a group...like the Rolling Stones. The word is he can play EVERY instrument.

He may be a little freaky, but I know for a fact that I have never seen so many beautiful women of every possible nationality in one place as what I saw at his 2000 performance in Houston.


"Freaky" walks hand-in-hand with genius.
Prince is probably in the uppermost echelon of talent in all of popular music.

The guy shreds, rocks, and rhythms in style.


He does not have to be the most versatile musician and artist in music...it's the same 3 chords that's in every other pop song...and the Rolling Stones? Christ...

And being able to play EVERY instrument is actually pretty easy once you play one...it's like Romance languages...


He can, but leave the bassline to Rhonda.


He may look like a overgrown troll, but that guy can play a fucking guitar. I would love to see him on G3 or something but I don't think his huge ego would allow him to share a stage with anyone, let alone Vai and Satch.

Prince is cool as shit, but just as weird.


Rhonda is some serious funk.

And let Johnny play the drums. And for the love of god kick that skank Shelia E. to the curb. Or confine her to her fucking triangle and congas.


Ahh Prince..the inspiration for my avatar.

Dave Chapelle: Prince plays basketball - watch more funny videos

Who knew he was such a baller?


He's no Norman Einstein.


I could never get into Prince,in the Michael/Prince debate I always vote Michael.


I always wrote-in Judas Priest.

YEAH ! Tell me Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing aren't fucking Geniuses...make that GENIUSES !!! ALL CAPS boo yah.


Does the guy with the kamikaze headband still play guitar with him?


What's wrong with the Rolling Stones? Granted, I'm not exactly a "buy all their cds" fan, but aren't they considered one of the greats.


He gave us Carmen Electra also.


Dez Dickerson?
No, but I hear he's writing a book about it.


WERE one of the greats. How uncool to play some of their best hits within a medley format live.




Nona gaye,

Although i heard he messed up their heads, before another man could get with em.