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Hi there. I need realy need answer on this one. Does anybody know anything about primotestone? What is it? What does it? Negatives? Where does it come from? Anybody tried it?

Thanks, Martin

This is right out of Anabolic reference guide, 6th issue by W. Nathaniel Phillips; Primoteston Depot 250 (Testosterone enanthate) 250 mg/cc 1 cc/ampule. This drug is a powerful testosterone made by Schering. It is a high androgenic and anabolic steroid. It will aromatize and it can suppress the body’s own hormone pattern. It is becoming quite popular with athletes in the U.S. because it is cheap and effective.

Now I will give you another reference; Muscle Media had an article back around '97 that showed a study with this drug. The guys in the study were given 600mg per week for 10-12 weeks. They gained on average 20-24 lbs of muscle. They did a follow-up months later and showed no signs of problems associated with this drug protocol.

From personal experience. This drug can cause acne, high blood pressure and aggressiveness at high dosages. If you understand that and deal with the issues before taking, this is a fairly good drug. It is cheap. You can buy it in Mexico for around $7. It sells on the black market for around $15.

Suggestions; 1) Take it as the study showed, but expect weight loss and hormonal imbalance, upon cessation of drug. 2) Take 750 mg primotest for 8 weeks ($168-$360) with clomid 50mg daily and continue with clomid for three weeks after drug cessation ($40) (tabs are around 50 cents each in mexico) then take 16 weeks off. 3) Take 750 mg primotest day one. Winstrol or d-bol or primobolan 50 mg daily for two weeks. Take clomid for three weeks. Take four weeks off before repeating.

Primoteston-Depot is the same as Testoviron-250mg testosterone enanthate.It`s a long acting testosterone ester.