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Primoteston Shortage in Australia


you get prescription for HcG from Dr Z?


Yeah mate ,@flash74 had the boys pulling up fairly tight after 6-7 weeks , quite uncomfortable for me Dr Z had no issues with me using HcG , can I ask why you are injecting SC ? Are you on an everyday or EOD protocol , 25g 1” needles go into the outer quad like butter and intramuscular is where the test is designed to be absorbed ,


Hi I inject every 3.5 days, so Monday Night and Friday morning. I use 29G needles 12.5mm. I go SC, I know Dr Z says there is a higher conversion to Estrodial, but everything I read and saw on the internet from reputable sources said that’s bull. Pinning muscles every few days isn’t an issue. But you’ll be doing this for the rest of you life. That’s a lot of holes in your muscles. I guess if your comfortable doing it you may as well keep going.


@flash74 how much test do you inject mg/mm ? yeah I read that there is a high conversion to E2 because fatty tissue is where it all goes down ! Also though I have read on the Crisler pages that some guys get a reduction in E2 but I think it’s because they reduce their dosage as it’s recommended to drop dosage when going SC .Have you read of long term TRT guys having issues with scarring from pinning on their quads / Delts ? I would like to know what sort of issues it would cause down the line as I’m very comfortable doing IM injection but unsure of long term issues ?


I’m in the same boat as @_wilso84 Don’t mind IM every 2 days, but what are the concerns with holes in muscles? Does it actually have an effect on anything? I tried subq in belly fat a while back and it wasn’t good, moody, anxious, flipping out etc. although I guess it could have been due to changing from a large weekly IM dose to small subq doses e2d - so withdrawal period. Dr Z told me not to do subq as that’s where the aromatase tissue is and will lead to more conversion but that goes against what I’ve read.


I inject 35mg (.14 mls) twice a week. So 70mg all up per week. On a trough day last check I was 23 nmol, doc said I’d be hitting 40 the day after an injection which he said was good. About 0.27mg of Anastrazole and that’s sitting at 80pmol. With the muscles I think why risk it, its a muscle you need it to work properly, why risk doing any damage. Prevention of injury is the best cure. I did have trouble with injection into belly fat, legs were far better. Now I have very little fat on my legs, and its in the bum cheek.


Gday @flash74 , I hear what your saying constant poking in the long run can’t be a good thing I guess we all stick with what we are happy with and what is working best for the individual , good to see someone doing well on a small amount of test also , 70 mg a week is probably the smallest dose I have read someone taking, how are your free test figures ? Did you get E2 LCMS if you don’t mind me asking ?


My free test was in the 800-900’s I think just below the max. SHBG was good. I’ve never tested for E2 LCMS. Had to look it up, E2 Sensitive? Just test Oestradial. I need to go back to Doc early on in the year to see how this sustanon is going. I’m not doing that great on 70 mg per week as I have a thyroid issue as well. High Reverse T3. Makes you feel very shit.


I thought this testosterone shortage in Australia was bullshit. Last week I was told they were out of Sust, and would have to wait until today. I went in today, and still no sustanon.

No wonder people go the UGL route, its cheaper and the supply is better.

I have a suspicion the Chinese raws are probably contaminated with heavy metal or some such shit. This is what happens when first world countries outsource their medicine production/raws to dodgy countries.


The supply issue is ridiculous. I’m switching to compounded primo which I’m picking up tomorrow because I can no longer tolerate the massive red lumps that Sustanon is giving me (i inject subq). I’m hoping that I don’t have the same reaction with the compounded primo. I fear that if I do, I’m going to have to abandon TRT altogether, or try UGL.

It is hard to assess the risk of going down the UGL path - I’m not concerned about the legal consequences but the contamination risk is holding me back. Can’t believe how much cheaper and easier it is to acquire UGL rather then the legitimate product!


I wouldn’t worry too much about contamination. If it has been filtered it will be sterile. At worst you could refilter it into a sterile vial.
I used to home brew powders(for personal use of course), that way I was sure about the ingredients, and that they got filtered properly.

Another option is to get an import permit. I have never tried it so I’m sure the govt is going to make an applicant jump through so many hoops, to allow you to import, that it probably isn’t worth the effort. You can only import 3 months worth at a time, so regular international postage is going to add to the cost, making it less affordable, unless you are paying $4 a ampule for South American testosterone.

I’m starting to go all conspiracy theory. The supply of testosterone is being limited for men because the feminist/lesbians, don’t like men to be men. They are funnelling all the testosterone to the female to male transgenders:) Sounds crazy but stranger things have happened


Would be interesting to find out if trans clinics still have access to primoteston


Lol I’m liking your conspiracy theory: we should collectively work together to block estrogen replacement products as retaliation.

Have you used UGL? Seems it can be acquired locally: Weller feedback would appear to be solid…


I started off using ugl 400mg/ml testosterone. I had a bad reaction to it because of the solvent used(ethyl oleate). Debilitating pain from PIP. I went down the home brewing route after that.

I don’t have any safety qualms about using UG gear. Legal ones, yes as I have been busted for possession of steroids without a proper prescription, which is why I’m now doing it legally. If you but domestically it would be pretty unlikely to get busted.


@flash74 Yeah I’m in the same boat as you mate I’m also treating hyperthyroid at the same time as TRT , had to get my thyroid on track before I started TRT , Without sounding like a dickhead I would look into getting E2 LCMS tested as I see you are taking an AI and your Oestradiol is at 80 , this result is likely a lot higher than what your actual level really is , my E2 came in at 150 and I nearly started to go down the AI route but I did some reading on the forums and other TRT sites , had my E2 LCMS done come back at 104 ! You should read the Estrogen/ AI post by @physioLojik he is a bodybuilding Endo who has helped a lot of people on this site with his quality feedback and knowledge ,


Im using a UGL now and will never go back. But i will continue to fill my scripts so im never without again.


What motivated you to try UGL? And how did you overcome the fear of injecting a non-pharma product? Do you think the product you are using is accurately dosed?


Well the fact that my doc wouldn’t support a PCT due to the shortage of test in Australia.

The fact i could explain more things than he could.

The fact its slightly cheaper

The fact i now have a world of different substances to try

Meh i use to take a lot of party drugs at a teenager. A bit of oil is no different as long as you use your head and get comparison blood tests


Debatable, I’d argue many recreational drugs are worse than AAS, cocaine, methamphetamine, recreational abuse of opiates, benzodiazepine abuse, binge drinking etc are all, in my opinion, more dangerous than responsible anabolic steroid use. (Although all carry potentially significant risks)


Mate, I just got the T compounded from the pharmacy you suggested. Thanks! Have an embarrassing Q which I should have asked the pharmacist… do access the drug, do I remove the metal cap? See pic in this link:

Forgive my complete incompetence!