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Primoteston Shortage in Australia


Hey mate. Can you give me the details of the pharmacy you use for your primo script? How much do they charge for the 3ml vial? Thnx!


Hey mate , @narcissusford I don’t think I can give you exact names due to forum rules but it’s located in South Yarra , you can’t miss it when you google it remember it’s compounding also , they charge 80 bucks for 3ml , I was paying 65 for Primo so only slightly more , good luck mate :+1:t3:


Then you’re being ripped off. I pay 35 bucks for primoteston on a PRIVATE script. Can we stop saying “primo” it makes me think someone’s getting a script for primobolan here and it gets me all excited only to realise were talking about testosterone lol.


I’m in NSW and am currently on a script of Sustanon 250, which is $95 for 3 ampules!

I miss my Primoteston, $35 or so for a full months supply.

Does anyone have any info for compounding pharmacies in NSW? From my experience pharmacies tend to be hesitant to send medications via mail but I am willing to try the one in SA and see if they can at least as well. The scripts for Sustanon have made me keen to look elsewhere for Test due to $$$ and availability.

Xevox, your Test E looks solid as well. I’d ask where you got it from but I am sure this forum would shoot it down ASAP with talk of sourcing etc.


Gday mate @scrill77 I think it’s just a case of looking up compounding pharmacy’s and ringing them to see if they compound Test E , I’m in WA and contacted so many I lost count ! None compounded Test E , lucky one of the guys on here got me onto one in Melb who post out , only takes 3 days for delivery , @xevox got his from a popular Australian UGL and has bloods to back up the product if your game enough to go UGL ! Good luck with the search Bro :+1:t3::muscle:t3:


Finding the ugl isnt hard. Just search in google for steroid forum Austeroids most of the websites will end in .is


Thanks mate, are you able to disclose which compounding pharmacy it could be in Melbourne? My specialist is in WA (Dr Z) and would like to run it past him regarding compound pharmacies which I am sure he will be sweet with.

I’d rather give a compound pharmacy a shot first since I am on TRT and have prescriptions first etc but thank you @xevox I found it now.


That’s a UGL not a forum lol, although they do sell pharm grade stuff. The forum is where you get links to all the UGL’s, issue is with buying UGL on the cleanet is the fact that you’re web traffic can potentially be traced back you, the solution to that is that most UGL’s also run on the dark web.


Not these, days.

You are right the forums are the links, i had to write my message as cryptic as possible.

But these day UGLs are mostly on clearnet as there is a higher % of scammers in the darkweb


Mate @scrill77 mine is Dr Z also , he is good in respects to prescribing test , HCG and AI but I’m not sure he is full bottle in terms of doses and he does not like compounding products he said to me you don’t know the quality and strength , I’ll be posting bloods up soon after 5 weeks on the compounded T


Are you saying he over or underprescribed test doses? The truth regarding compounded test is, you don’t know whether it’s accurately dosed, esp if it’s cream. Compounded products are made from raws that the pharmacy acquires and makes therefore if they get the calculation and/or measurements wrong it results in an under or overdosed product



@unreal24278 I mean he first put me on 250 mg 1e2w , than changed it to 250 e10d , than suggested 250 e8d , I have found that 75mg every 3.5 days is great so far and this was done off my own research not the docs , also when he prescribed me HcG he wanted me to take 1500iu 1ew !! I now take 300iu 2ew . At the time my E2 ( non sensitive ) was 32 and he wanted me to take 0.5 mg anastrazole 2ew , so I did some research and have held off on AI . No creams here mate am on test E . I read that creams are naff all round and bring up estrogen fairly rapidly


There’s a doctor who runs a service in Australia called Bloodworks (with an S), which offers private labs and advice. A Google search should find the URL.

Might be worth a look, as it sounds like what you’re looking for. Not used them myself.


I contacted a compounding pharmacy in South Yarra (Melbourne) who is able to compound my Primoteston script for $80 for a 3ml vial. Similar cost to the Sustanon 250 I get from Chemist Warehouse.

I’ve been using Sustanon 250 due to the shortage of Primoteston but am thinking about having the Primo compounded because I experience large (and a little painful) lumps at each injection site which take about a week to go away (I SubQ E4Ds). I’m wondering if I could be reacting to one of the esters in the Sustanon. I have yet to try Primoteston…


I’ve heard that can happen with subq. How much are you injecting?


Just 0.3ml


I tried sub Q for a while, I now have scar tissue on my stomach, not worth it. (I have bad reactions to prrimoteston and sustanon IM with swelling, sub Q it’s the same, but with large raised lumps that have now formed scar tissue. No abz for me lol


ouch what a bitch the lumps are! I’m surprised you experience swelling when you inject IM - I thought the swelling and lumps were mostly SubQ related. I injected into my quad tissue recently (again, SubQ) and same thing: a large red and sore lump has appeared. I might try the compounded prim to see if I react to it in the same way (but have some reservations about using compounded product due to consistency and quality).


G’day mate @narcissusford if your compounded test is from the South Yarra pharmacy I wouldn’t worry to much about strength or quality , I have been running their test E and HcG for over 6 weeks now and the numbers match up nicely , I’m actually now dropping my dose a bit . No sides for me but obviously everyone is different .

Test dose 75mg every 3.5 days
HcG 300 iu every 3.5 days

Test total 40.3 ( 10-27 ) nmol
Free test 1004 ( 170-800 ) pmol
SHBG 37 ( 13-90 ) nmol
Oestradiol LCMS 104 ( 40-160 ) pmol


Yep same here, got big red sore lumps on the upper thighs from SC. But going deep into bum cheek is heaps better for me. Still a bit sore for about 2 days, but not as bad. 5 more SUS vials to get through then might look into TEST E from pharmacy. Hopefully they don’t run short!