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Primoteston Shortage in Australia


Yeah he means testosterone enanthate , If it’s a sterile compounding pharmacy they will do injectables , I get my test E and HcG viles from a Melbourne Pharmacy they make it up from Primoteston and Pregnyl scripts if you want to stay above board , otherwise you could try UGL if your game !!


Has anyone heard an update of when Primoteston will be available again?

I’ve found a compounding pharmacy for Testosterone Enanthate in the meantime but it’s about twice the price of the Bayer product.



Hey mate , I’m in WA most the pharmacies I have spoken to say not available until Feb next year , can’t say I’m missing the pre filled syringes though pain in the ass to split up doses, multi use vials are waaaayy easier and cleaner !


Hey man, I am a fellow patient of Dr. Z and I’m having the same dramas with sustanon and primoteston preloaded. Which pharmacy in Melbourne accepts primkteston scripts? That would help me out no end man. If you can’t tell me on here I can give you my email or Facebook or whatever you need mate cheers.


Gday mate , @kaapokarhu probably can’t give you the exact name but if you google “ Compounding in south Yarra “ you can’t miss it , I’m fairly certain admin don’t like guys sharing UGL sites and names etc due to steroid abuse association but genuine pharmacies shouldn’t be an issue ?? Hope this helps you out mate .


Mate you are a star, thank you.


@xevox hey dude how’s it going , how are you finding the Vita test E ? Seen the pic you posted of bloods so no question on product strength , any unusual sides creeping in , do you find it better than Primo ? I’m currently paying 80 bucks for a 3 ml vile of test E ! so considering getting more bang for my buck with Vita test .


Hey @_wilso84 no sides. There was a concern about high blood pressure but after careful monitoring over the past 2 weeks and some detective work i had today today i could finally prove my pharmacy blood pressure machine was read false. Well technically the machine was fine but due to the size of my arms they should have been using an extra large cuff not large.

They had my a bit panicky for the last 2 weeks as their machine was reading between 157/98 and 191/102

Last last night i was 191 again so i went back to the doctors. But it was 134/86. Then went back this afternoon and it was 147/86.

My doc gave me an ACE inhibitor and some fuseaminde just to take the edge off. But for 500mg per week the blood pressure is normal.

So no, no sides.

They also use mct oil which is quite smooth and a thinner viscosity so its easier to inject.

Should add, no oily skin, no pimples and i cant get enough sex haha but i broke my mrs the other night doc said no sex for a week.


@xevox thanks for the info bud , sounds like a hit then ! I have read some other reviews on another website forum all very good as well , 500mg a week is a monster dose you must be feeling pumped 24/7 ! I’m sitting around the high mark 1000 ish atm and liking steady weeks , added HcG just over 2 weeks ago 300iu 2ew and loving the fullness down below hopefully stays that way ! Broke your Mrs hey :rofl: classic :+1:t3:


Yea feeling pretty good, went through a lethargic 3 weeks. But i got my sleep apnea machine back out and feeling good

Ive gone from 112kg to 118kg im in week 4 atm, weight and reps going up in the gym. Annihilated my leg last night. This is the first tine ive actually felt like i was in the gym yesterday lol.


@xevox Nice weight gains mate sounds like your stacking on the meat ! How long you planning on running 500 a week for ? You will drop back to TRT dose at some stage I guess ? I have seen a few posts where you were having issues dialling in your TRT did the increase in test sort most of that out


Hey bud,

Yea i went fuck it, if the Government cant ensure i get my medication legitimately. Then why not blast.

Had issues dialing in but thats all a distant memory.

The other day i had taken 40mg fusamide was pissing like a racehorse and still put on 800gs

It sucks had a work trip pop up so no training until Saturday now. But thats all right. Forced recovery and forced hi cals.

Check out tonights dinner - dont even care


@xevox The doc in moonee ponds, you know which one I’m talking about, what is the age requirement to go see him? Can I go when I’m 18, and would he be willing to moniter the health status someone using PED’s if one payed him enough?


Hi @unreal24278 i believe so, the only thing you may struggle getting access to is HGh.

Given you’re 18, it shouldn’t be an issue. Give them a call the receptionist will happily confirm.

You can either travel there or do the process over the phone


Don’t need HGH haha, I just want a doctor who I can be open and honest with, get monitering to make sure I don’t significantly harm myself/ haven’t already caused damage.


That should be all good. You can get HGH when youre 30


Gday @_wilso84, mate I’m in Perth are you using a compounding pharmicist over here? Any chance you could let me know what suburb so I can get my Primo scripts filled.



Hey mate @otto13 , I tried a shit tonne of pharmacies in WA none compound test E only a couple would do Test Cyp in seperate syringes also ( shit !! ) I get my Test in a 3ml vile from a pharmacy in Melb South Yarra . They do HcG in viles aswell , both are working great for me doing their job labs tomorrow to see where levels are at , let us all know if you find a decent pharmacy in Perth I had no luck :+1:t3::muscle:t3:


Legend thanks mate! I’ll hit them up! Really appreciate it mate. Having similar reactions to you on the sustanon. Just feel really flat on it.



@otto13 no problem dude happy to help out fellow Aussies especially , Sustanon is a mix of 4 different Esthers that’s why I reckon some people feel shit on it , I think Deca is in the mix too which is suppose to be a nightmare ! Good luck bud :+1:t3: