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Primoteston Shortage in Australia


@dcdc888 sure was 3 days to my door


Ok guys, i know what you’ll say, im thinking it too.

Took my first shot of the hcg last night 250iu. My boys are slightly bigger

I had to get the mrs to come and play with them and she agrees they are slightly bigger


It’s a good feeling hey!? You gonna dose 250iu E2D?

Let me guess, you’re a Queenslander?


I was thinking e3.5d, see how that goes and increasing as needed.

Sure am haha, summer is here, balls a sweaty and im back in the gym. So come summer im going to be this again


I know the UGL you used, only one sells vita brand AAS. The ugl is reputable, sells legit pharm grade stuff too, so you’re probably in good hands.

There’s currently one selling Pharm grade primo.



Yea im get some bloods tomorrow, my BP is quite high so i know its legit.

The hcg is slowly making ma fallas drop again.

Have you seen the price of the “pharma” and yoj still can’t guarantee its not a knockoff.


Yea I’ve seen the price of the pharma, and I know it isn’t a knockoff because I’m using it!!! Using UGL gives me the heebie jeebies (sterility concerns) if I have to go UGL, which I hope I don’t for TRT I’ll be using low dose fluoxymesteorne (it’s hepatotoxic, but is approved for treatetment of hypogonadism and since it’s a C17AA structurally altered form of testosterone it’s given in pill form, so no chance of any issues related to sterility and whatnot, and it’s not like I’d be on it for a long time, just until primoteston or sustanon comes back in stock). I’ve used UGL oils before, whatever was in it had an impact on my resting HR (test prop at 30mg/day, TNE @15mg/day, Anavar 25mg/day (this was due to high BP though, not the Anavar itself).


Bois the vita results are in. 6/10 was pharma 24/10 ugl vita.

Im currently having multiple nocturnal woods. Even woke the mrs at 1am told her to role on her side. Fucked the shit out of her for 40mins and went back to sleep.


Jesus, I hope you cleaned up the shitty sheets before going back to sleep!

What’s the plan for your e2? You feeling effects from such high e2?


Nah man fuck the sheets, im fucking too often to care. She’ll wash them tomorrow. Haha

Man why would i worry about e2 if im fucking like a machine.

The first few weeks i was testing anastrozole but i may be an over responder or my e2 likes to be high naturally.


In terms of effects, the only thing im noticing is im a bit tired. But that can also be due to the high test.


Yep same boat here, starting on Sustanon soon see how it goes short term but might have to sus out a compounding pharm in the longer term. I heard March April next year before we get primo. Doc said suppliers stuffed up prodcution in germany, that’s why we have shortage. How does the Sustanon come? Easy to split doses/backfill syringes?


in 1mL ampuoles, prefilling syringes is possible.


Hey dude , most of us in Oz have been hit with the shortage issue , I tried Sustanon for 2 weeks and it didn’t agree with me , gave me oily skin and felt flat in the gym , night sweats , find yourself a compounding pharmacy that will make up a vile of test E using your Primo script , unless you find you are one of the guys who loves Sustanon !! :+1:t3::muscle:t3::+1:t3:


Why would Sustanon make your skin more oily than Test e? I’ve heard other people say the same thing and I personally had very oily forehead when on Sustanon at high TRT dose. (170-300mg/week) I just assumed it was because of the high test dose.


With my recent success i disagree.

Vita pharmaceuticals Test E has served me well and is cheap. Arrived in 3days and have bloods to back my claim.


I love Sustanon, no oily skin.

Test e large doses no oily skin.

I feel for those who get oil skin and backne


Gday mate ! Props to you for having high test with no sides that’s bloody awesome , I’m running around the 900-1100 mark and am very happy sitting here , test E I get literally no sides and feel very steady between pins , only using 75g2ew I guess I’m not ready to upset the balance with super High test ! I’ve read other guys disliking Sustanon also maybe to do with mixing 4 Esthers ??


The only thing i didnt like is it made me a 2 minute wonder. My soldier was super sensitive. But i had only used it for 3 weeks then had to switch back to primo.


Hi @xevox by test E you mean a testosterone enanthate? I though the compounding pharmacies only did trans-dermal stuff. I’ll have to look into it. Any good compounding pharmacies anyone can point me to?