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Primoteston Shortage in Australia


US has sustanon and uses test C typically (Depo testosterone). I don’t think primoteston is on the market in the US. They’re more up to date and have multiple dose vials instead of pre filled syringes


I was ways open and honest with my doctor when i was a gym rat. I only dabbled in off the shelf, peptides and sarms. If i even changed an off the shelf supplement my doc would let me order a full blood panel on medicare.

If you have the right doctor. If the cant get you to stoo pushing yourself then they support you the best and most ethical way for them. Which is generally just monitoring the situation


Lucky bastards


Not interested in Sustanon. With the range of esters in it, one being fast-acting propionate, I’m not interested in the roller coaster of hormones that goes along with it. Prop injections should be done every day. Guys that are still doing 1 injection every 2 weeks with Sust are going to have levels all over the place.
I’m doing 2 x weekly injections on Primo but even still, I’d rather get UGL test-e than Sust. It’s legit stuff, dosed properly. Bloods show no fluctuation between the UGL and Primo at same dosing. It’s domestic ordered online. I don’t think I can share sources here but it’s an easy find if you google it.


Yeah, private bloods. www.imedical.com.au - you can order whatever you want, they send the pathology form within a few minutes to your email, then you get the bloods and they email results within 24 hours


Time for Australia to crawl out of the dark ages and allow more company’s to sell their test here , literally we have 3 options over the counter that’s it !! US have a tonne of company’s making all kinds of different test can’t say they would ever run out !! Maybe this shortage will wake a few people up in higher places !


Probs not, test is underprescribed here. Most docs won’t even think of prescribing it or referring one to an endocrinologist unless they meet the PBS cut off which is something like 174ng/DL or lower. The reason test isn’t manufactured much here is due to the fairly low demand. Somehow deca manages to still be manufactured here, but it’s in a concentration of 50mg/ml… Absolutely useless for people who want to abuse it lol.

Medicine wise Aus is stuck in the dark ages with regards to many fields, not just trt


Yeah your right there , even with blood work over 18 months showing my rapid decline in TT and FT , it took 2 endo’s And my regular GP before they finally said “ let’s try testosterone “ I’ve only been running test for 8 weeks but what a massive difference already in every aspect , I really don’t understand why it’s not even looked at unless held at gunpoint !!


Testosterone is an anabolic steroid, anabolic steroids have a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggeee stigma here and in the US, although thanks to marketing testosterone has managed to lose some of its stigma in the US. Ask any teenager what they think of anabolic steroids, some of them will get them confused with Corticosteroids, others won’t know what they are but will tell you they’re worse than meth, others will tell you they’ll shrink your dick and then you into a rapist, which is funny considering mid-late teenagers tend to be at their peak testosterone production. Anyhow, the stigma due to propaganda and ignorance seems to have crossed over into the medical world in Australia, (not doctors fault though), and I think Bikie gangs selling AAS had a lot to do with the crackdowns here, not bodybuilding.


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Phoawww good one to have up the sleeve


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…4 bucks here,no script,over the counter like panadol,actually panadol is more expensive…


Where are you? I thought I was lucky finding some for $22!


hahaha alcohol and cigarettes are also crazy expensive here! approx $40 for a pack of $25.

What country are you in?


Next to Colombia…50 IUs HGH 80 bucks…ciggs are 1 dollar for a 20 pack,but they are shit…250mg Primoteston is 4 bucks,2 bucks if you buy in bulk…you dont need a script for test and they sell D-BOL over the counter in bottles of 50 for all the old bastards with hip and joint pain…



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I asked in a Chemist Warehouse yesterday about the availability of Primotestin Depot, and was told that the nearest supply was in Tamworth, NSW.


Try infinity Custom Pharmacy in Adelaide - they’re compounding test cypionate, closest thing you’ll get to Primo especially now Sust is out at most places too


Test e 85 aud. Cant complain


Good price! Is that UGL?