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Primoteston Shortage in Australia


My pharmacy had primoteston in stock, just putting it out there, it was the last one but it was in stock, and no I’m not specifying what state or area of Aus I’m in.


I’ve had a real hard time getting pharmacists to allow me to stock up (specifically to avoid this situation) because “it’s a steroid, it can be abused”. Hopefully my doc will adjust my prescription to allow me to buy several at a time to stock up.


Anyone started on the sus 250 ? Just wondering if it’s the same , better or worse ? It’s a mix blend of 4 Esthers right so surely must be a slight difference ??


The difference is more estrogen on Sustanon 250 vs cypionate or ethanate. Some doctors in the UK that prescribe Sustanon and ethanate are saying these things about Sustanon 250.


Yeah right more E can’t be great , I think in Australia it’s like 3 times the price of Test Enanthate also :rage:


An update for the Aussies.

One Chemist Warehouse said that there was no Primoteston in central Melbourne, another said that there was none in Victoria! But if you’re in NSW, you should be fine.

I managed to find a box of Primoteston at my local Priceline Pharmacy, they’d just got one in. Their inventory system isn’t linked like Chemist Warehouse, so they can’t advise where you can find stock.

The pharmacist there said that they had four units of Sustanon at their warehouse. I don’t know if they’re boxes of one or three.