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Primoteston Shortage in Australia


My pharmacy had primoteston in stock, just putting it out there, it was the last one but it was in stock, and no I’m not specifying what state or area of Aus I’m in.


I’ve had a real hard time getting pharmacists to allow me to stock up (specifically to avoid this situation) because “it’s a steroid, it can be abused”. Hopefully my doc will adjust my prescription to allow me to buy several at a time to stock up.


Anyone started on the sus 250 ? Just wondering if it’s the same , better or worse ? It’s a mix blend of 4 Esthers right so surely must be a slight difference ??


The difference is more estrogen on Sustanon 250 vs cypionate or ethanate. Some doctors in the UK that prescribe Sustanon and ethanate are saying these things about Sustanon 250.


Yeah right more E can’t be great , I think in Australia it’s like 3 times the price of Test Enanthate also :rage:


An update for the Aussies.

One Chemist Warehouse said that there was no Primoteston in central Melbourne, another said that there was none in Victoria! But if you’re in NSW, you should be fine.

I managed to find a box of Primoteston at my local Priceline Pharmacy, they’d just got one in. Their inventory system isn’t linked like Chemist Warehouse, so they can’t advise where you can find stock.

The pharmacist there said that they had four units of Sustanon at their warehouse. I don’t know if they’re boxes of one or three.


I finally got some primoteston at a local chemist warehouse after they had nothing for 2 months.
I ordered UGL test e off the net and used this in the meantime. Got bloods done while using the UGL and all was good. Ive got a few spare 10ml vials on hand in case there’s another shortage


Gday fellas , @trebor1989 have you tried asking your Doc for a script on Sustanon ? Only while the primo is at a shortage the Sus might be a better quality test compared to the online gear ?? I am down to my last 4ml of Primo and may have to switch also !


My doc offered it to me out right. Said there shouldn’t be any major issues with switching to it. It’s 3 times the price though. When you say you’re down to your last 4ml, is that four 1ml syringes or do you use a multi use vial? I thought it was only available as 1ml syringes in Australia?


Hey mate , yeah 4 1ml preloaded , Sustanon250 comes in ampoules , does my head in that we don’t have perscription viles here in Aus !


Yeah it’s retarded.

Has anyone had any luck going through a compounding pharmacy?


I was on Primoteston and have gone on Sustonan 250 til Primo is back in. It cost me $36 for 1ml vial.


Yeah 3 x the cost of Primo !! I have read that you can order stuff in from pharmacies over in the US with your script and they supply the same dosage but in vile form , can’t say how good the product would be after travel from the states !


I’d assume it should be ok, I know prengyl is sent here from the Netherlands



My pharmacist didnt have primo went back to my gp he gave me a script for sus250. Went back to the pharmacy they only had one amp of sus after 30mins on the phone he could get me the remaining 2 amps and then proceeded to tell me that was the last of the sus250 aswell.

He broke all my scripts up so i could go shopping around. Could only find one more box of primo in my whole region.


Is Sustanon also out of supply?


Yepp thats what ive been told. Only government facilities now have access in QLD.

From reading a few aussie posts there is outages in creams aswell.

My pharmacist said they have probably had a supply issue with a raw ingredient. And to get supplies built back up will take nearly 6months for Australia to receive it.


I was told they’re out because people have been ordering many months supply in advance for bodybuilding. And I remember thinking “that’s awesome, which doctor do I go to for a script like that”, that isn’t what I said … But I was thinking it

Was also told test is difficult to manufacture, but I don’t buy that, UGL’s manufacture test all the time. It’s possible there’s a shortage of raw powder


Did you get private bloods? There’s no way a doc in Aus would agree to this


Its definitely not that, well in Australia at least. Sure there cod be some doctors / pharmacist that are happy to flout the law. But the Australian market isnt big enough to impact.

US maybe but they still have a supply i hear. My pharmacist says when this happens governments place restrictions on to keep reserves for hospitals.

Then whatever the manufacturer has in reserve goes to the highest bidder. Ie the US