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Primoteston Shortage in Australia


I went to pick up my prescription of primoteston (testosterone enanthate) today and was told there is a global shortage of primoteston and that the supplier is out. I tried many different pharmacies and all were out and unable to order more.

WTF!? What are people doing? This is crazy. They said it could take a month or more, they weren’t sure when more would come in. What’s the next best/still cheap in Australia?


I ran into this a fortnight ago, the supplier was out and every pharmacy in Melbourne was empty. I thought that things had been resolved.

Sustanon is apparently available, so it might be worth asking your GP for a prescription for that as a backup.


Bugger that’s shitful !! Sounds like we’re all on the sus250 for a while then :crazy_face:


Sus250 is way more expensive than primoteston, I’d rather not shell out the cash, especially since I have a holiday coming up at the end of the year. Thankfully I have spare testosterone lying about.


Yep, I am on TRT here in AUS as well and in NSW we are all out of Primotest.

Using the Sus250 now, they better not run out of that either.


How much you paying for sust? Is it the same strength and dosing schedule? E3D for me.


It’s about $94 here for 3 ampules.

I’ll be using it 1 X per week as per my TRT.


Someone’s prescribing you 250mg of sus250 weekly for trt? In Australia? Awesome


I’ve been on Primoteston for 6 weeks. Went to refill my script and found out there is a shortage. Totally shattered! I’m in Melbourne and my Endo will only prescribe Reandron as an alternative. I prefer to have more control and do my shots quick release rather than slow release. Anyone in Melbourne on Sustonan 250? Which Endo you go to?


Hey mate. I couldn’t figure out how to PM you. I’d love for you to have a read of my post. It’s pretty long. Might take 10 mins. But I would love to hear how you went about having a consultation with a doc on the other side of Aus, amongst other things. Cheers brother.


Are you in Melbourne?


So how long do you guys reckon the shortage will last? I’ll see if I can get my script switched to sustanon, however it’ll probably be something like a shot every 3 weeks, I’d rather just use my spare test if that’s the case, will see though.

Is it a manufacturing issue? Primoteston is still in high supply on the BM, so why don’t pharmacies have it??? Not sure how the restocking process works but surely pharmacies would have it before the BM… Right?


@milan, I’m in Melbourne.

I haven’t tried refilling my prescription again, but will see what the local supply is like tomorrow or at the weekend.


I’m amazed this can happen, in 2018 in a first world country, with so many people depending on Primoteston. I just spoke to my pharmacist and he said the supplier has stated it could last through to the first quarter of 2019, but could come back earlier.

I’m going to have to chat to my doc about an alternative until then. Is sustanon the same strength, half life etc as primoteston? Will my body experience any side effects changing between the two? Pharmacist told me its about $25 a box of three.


You’ve got to be kidding me!

You will have to start all over trying to find the right dosage.


No, in Aus sustanon is like 40 bucks for a box of ONE! Sustanon is fine, slightly more PIP (although I don’t find PIP to be all that bothersome). The first few times using sustanon I got large raised lumps at the injection site, thought it was an abcess, but turned out to just be an adverse injection site reaction


Damn! And I’m guessing a box of 1 only lasts a week?


depends how fast you go through 250mg, you can prefill syringes


So with everyone switching to sust, how long is it gonna b before the supply of sus250 runs out? When I was on sus250 it was already hard enough to find a pharmacy that had that in stock.


I checked Chemist Warehouse and Priceline Pharmacy today, and both were out of stock of Primotestin Depot.

I suspect that the trick is going to be stockpiling a few doses, checking pharmacies regularly, and holding a Sustanon script as a backup.