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Primoteston & Nandrolone Cycle Help


Hey guys first post looking for some help.

I'm currently on 0.25mg growth hormone & 0.25mg IGF1-LR3 5 days on 2 days Off

I looking to continue with that & adding primoteston & Nandrolone ..any suggestion or precaution ???


Read the stickies.

Do not start any gear until you fully understand PCT and have PCT items on hand.

Most here are going to send you away for asking a lame question like this.

1iu of GH is 0.3mg
If you are younger, .25mg will not increase your GH levels as it will repress that amount of GH. You cannot add a little GH to increase HG levels. If you were producing 1iu/day GH on your own, injecting 1iu/day would be close to zero gain. So the first iu is very expensive as there no benefit. GH is mostly repressed by IGF-1. So someone taking a little bit of IGF-1 faces the same problem. By using both, you are getting some gains.