Primoteston Depot

Hey guys, so I’ve got my hands on some 1ml prefilled syringes of primoteston depot, about to start my first cycle in about 3 weeks once I get all the pct on hand.
This is what the cycle is going to look like:
Primo weeks 1-12 500mgs Monday Thursday pins
Week 4-16 adex .5mgs eod
Week 16-20 nolva 40/40/20/20
Week 16-20 clomid 100/100/50/50

1.73m short
77kgs fat
11-12% bf
~2000cals/ day mostly clean bro foods

Just a few questions:
1: any critiquing of the cycle?
2: my major concern is a health issue that may prevent me from pinning. I was born with haemophilia, factor IV deficiency, pretty much meaning my blood doesn’t clot properly. I have never had an intramuscular shot. So I’m hoping all will go well provided that primo doesn’t cork. Has anyone had experience with pharma primo corking/ bad swelling or is anyone in a similar situation?

Hmmm I don’t know what bro foods are but 2k calories is nothing, I eat more than that in 2 meals. Also, primo only, not a good idea, Al least throw in some test if you’re set on cycling. Not here to try and change your mind but I think you’re jumping the gun.

Yea, I just came off a long cut so just maintaining for a bit before starting a bulk again. Bro foods = clean foods. And primoteston is test e…

I just came off a cut so just maintaining a bit before starting my bulk/cycle. Primoteston is test e…

in your post you said you are running primo for 12 weeks, i hope you can see how this can be a little confusing…

Yea, sorry should have made it a bit more clear

Why not run the Arimidex from week 1?

IMO you should ask a doctor if it’s ok for you to take IM shots, given your condition.

If you are being treated with a clotting factor (and even if you’re not) I highly recommend you do some extensive research on the effect of steroids on blood parameters before you make a choice.

Longer ester, doesn’t start to aromatize til later so waste of adex?

I have spoken to my doctor and he seems to be fine with it, I’m still slightly concerned though. I’ve read a regarding this about a guy taking suspicion and decay, had to go to hospital because of an infection the studied him for the next 6 months and his blood work was fine without supplementing coagulants ie. Factor IV