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What can I expect from a firstcycle, 6 weeks with primobolan 2ml?

Do I need clomid?

Is 2ml(200mg) enough?

I don’t think you’ll notice much of anything. Primo is very gentle. Depending on what you want, stacking it with other roids is what you want to do. At that dose you would not need Clomid or Nolvadex, probably knowing how individual this is, its better to be safe than sorry. By itself I’d do 5oomgs/wk.

Primo isn’t really known for it’s dramatic effects. So, don’t expect anything outrageous. Of course, it will vary slightly between individuals. As the earier post suggested, you might want to up your dosage a bit. I seriously doubt you’ll experience any significant side effects, even if you triple your current dose.

This would be my first cycle and I expect a (appr.) 8lb’s gain. Will primo effect my natural T-levels?

At 200mgs, no it won’t. I’m aware of your reluctance to deal with the possibilities of side effects. Since this is your first cycle I still think you should go for it, fresh receptors. Study more, learn more, when you are ready, make a decision based on your own knowledge. That’s what I did. Nick