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Primobolan vs Anavar

just contemplating 2 week cycle. I like the idea behind it, and think that occasional 2 weekers would be a good way to break plateaus and keep gains consistent, while minimizing recovery problems and time. Ive never done steroids, trained fairly consistently since i was 18, and am now 30.

Occasional injuries have been only reasons for layoffs ( knee surgery r/t plaqua synovialis -genetic, in addition to other little injuries that i have learned from.)5’11", currently around 185. Have been 210. best lifts- 455 dead, 375 squat, 275 bench, 31 pullups, 30 dips, 185 x 24 rep bench.

For the first two weeker i am considering running either a high dose of anavar or primobolan depot with dianabol. Maybe 800 mg primobolan per week for two weeks with 20-40 mg of dianabol- morning only. Or anavar 50-60 mg with 20-40 mg of dianabol. At this high dosage, would primo still be less suppressive than testosterone??

Also, I am a newb, but i think that a high enough dose of primo could yeild some quality gains in a two week period (some good strength and maybe a few lbs of maintainable lean mass). And I have to do some homework, but I remember reading a way to dose it for a two week cycle, even though it is not a typical drug of choice for this purpose. I would even consider lowering the dbol dose.

I know i will get some flaming, but I want to avoid shutdown as much as possible. Would anavar 75 mg yield similar results in a two week span when combined with dbol? And which substance would promote an easier recovery if dbol was dosed morning only? I would prefer to stack an injectable to avoid excessive use of 17 AA drugs. I would of course prime myself for this with a heavy cycle of natural lifting to get up to where i get my strength up to an optimal level.

My goals are to gain strength, add some lean mass and maybe get a bit leaner in the process, and continue to have quality workouts naturally. PCT would be nolva or clomid. Arimidex dose dependant on dbol dose.

This is still in brainstorming mode, just want some feedback. Thx in advance for the thoughts, and any flaming will be equally appreciated and taken into consideration as well :slight_smile:

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Im into short cycles myself. Im a lifter. I can only say that I decided to try an old and tested bulgarian cycle, that consists of taking 30-40 mg dbol daily for a week and then one week off supplementing with zinc and magnesium before bedtime thus going on for up to 6 months at a time without any significant shutdown of your own test production. This is great stuff! All my lifts have gone up steady and surely(not ultra fast)and you maintain your own test production all the time as with the built in off weeks.

Some will call this out dated and so on. But the fact is that you can cycle without the use of any SERM and AIs and get great results over a year. I use Alpha Pharma Dbol and take 40 mg a day, although the lifter that I got this cycle from advised me not to go over this dose as the gains wouldnt be bigger and the side effects would just be harsher.

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Bushido, I read on Meso-rx under steroid profiles that primo has a half life of 5 days. That means that if u took an injection on day one it would be half out of ur system in 5 days, 3/4 out in 10 days, and 100% in 15 days, correct? Not 100% sure on how that works but that is what i read. When I posted this i thought it meant that 100% of the drug would be gone in ten days. So basically in order for that to work you would need to shoot everything on day one I presume, which would only give you about a week of a very high concentration. Would it be ascanine to expect ANY advantage from one week of high dosage, whilst relying on synergy with say more dianabol in the second week? Which if taken in the morning, might alow for an even faster recovery?? I imagine it would not be a great idea to shoot say 1200 mg on day one for example? Am I correct in the half life timing? With a half life of 5 days there would only be time for one shot in a two weeker? It might be a worthwhile experiment no? LOL What do u think? Better off with the anavar?

Another thought… introduce one week of anavar 60 mg in week two to compensate for the decreasing amt of primo, just for synergy with dbol. Come off after two weeks. Recover quickly with some nolva or clomid. I imagine it would be better to have high dose primo in the mix in week one than two weeks of anavar?

So, two week cycle brainstorm
Week one- day one- Primobolan 1000 mg— half life of 5 days if im not mistaken

                            Dianabol 30 mg ed am only
                            arimidex 0.25-0.5 mg ed ?

Week two- Anavar 60 mg ed-
250 mg of primo still in system at day ten
dianabol 30 mg am only
arimidex 0.25 mg-0.5 mg ??

week 3: Nolva 40 mg- primo out of system on day 15
week 4: Nolva 20 mg
week 5: Nolva 20 mg
Bushido- worthwhile experiment?? would only two weeks of pct be better? I would rather play it safe than sorry.

Primo is unsuited for shorties. There are much better options for the short cycle route than what you are considering. Do a search on here for older threads on shorties for examples…read Bill’s stuff as your primary educational tool for short cycle theory and application. What you are proposing basically will give you some performance enhancement, but I doubt you’ll get even moderate and definitely not maintainable gains in terms physique enhancement.

Here’s a thought

test-c 1-8
dbol 1-4 4-10

What about oral primo?

Here`s another thought : 75mg of test suspenssion ED and 30mg Dbol ED :slight_smile: for 14 days.

Using prop would be ok too, what would the advantage of suspension be? Bill Roberts advocated for prop in a two weeker. Havent read a whole lot on suspension.

I know its pretty much immediate in terms of effect, but would it be any more effective that test prop? Prop would give more stable levels and would work fast enough and clear system fast enough to be used in a two weeker. Although I have always though about buying some suspension and shooting it before sex LOL