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Primobolan, Results/Side Effects?

have any 1 tryed primo what results any side effects also can to take it by itself and get results

It seems like you have not read anything about the drug. Your asking questions without giving stats about yoursef and goals. The guys here are going to be really pissed off.

[quote]jsmith11 wrote:
The guys here are going to be really pissed off.[/quote]

are we that big of pricks? lol seems like everyone thinks so. i dont think its unreasonable to expect the poster to have done some research on there own.

and OP nope never heard of this drug, im sure no one in this steroid forum has tried it either… riight

What is with the invasion of fucking stupid arse pricks who come here asking the most ridiculous of questions?

This is not that forum -it never used to be, and this is getting worse.

OP - go to do sum rea-search an learn to rite proply… seriously:

Research takes many forms - for example, go and do a cycle of 100mg primo a week for 6 weeks and see what happens, report back with side effects and results. If you get any…

Or read the millions of sites containing articles and profiles of all the AAS currently in use and determine what the fuck you need to do and why - if you need to, come back in a year and ask a question that not only is intelligent in relation to the application of AAS, but ask one that will help the many lurkers who use this site as a reference point.

You will find it is highly unlikely anyone here will spoon feed information to such a blatant ignorance of AAS and punctuation.


The 2005 join date boggles my mind.

As does the use of “1” instead of one.

Seriously does typing two more key strokes that are in close proximity really require THAT much more effort.

I think you can spot the sexually frustrated 16 year olds looking for the “Brad pitt in FightClub Look” by just how they type.

[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
The 2005 join date boggles my mind. [/quote]

holy shit youre right…now im really curious/confused…wait no im not i dont give a shit