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Primobolan Recipe Mistake

Hi guys, new to the forum, been new to the game overall as well.

I ordered 20g primobolon E for personal to get really lean and muscular for my wedding coming up in about 4 months.

I definitely think i messed the formula up because when i use it, man do i get a golf ball size knot in my leg with reddness and more swelling and it really hurts.

heres the recipe i followed

20g primobolon powder
4ml B.A.
15ml B.B
68 ml Grape seed oil carrier

is this a bad recipe? Obviously? what went wrong and is there any way to fix this by adding some more GSO or more bb/ba? This stuff was so expensive i dont want to lose out if i can make it up.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to read and thank you for any advice and help.

So you’re using like 1000mg/wk?

Are you using with or without test?

That’s a lot of BB. Betting your pip is coming from that. Since you’re new to the game, I’ll let you in on a little secret: make one vial first and test your recipe before you brew a whole batch.

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What’s the mg/ ml of your brew? Primo is usually brewed, or sold commercially at 100mg/ml.
Its quite painful, you get a bit of a sting whilst injecting, like you can get with test prop, but never really heard of much post injection pain.
You also have to realise that what you were sold might be an AAS but just not genuine primo. It could be a mix of test prop and masteron, or something else.
The only way to tell would have been to either get the powder tested, or done a melting point test and see if it fell into the known melting range of Primo.

Likely conclusions: either you are injecting a highly dense mg/ml of genuine primo; or you are getting some other steroid substituted for primo.

Thanks for the tip, thats much smarter. I should know better .

IF it was you how much bb would you have put in? any way to fix or save it by adding more gso to thin it out?

Thanks for the tip, thats much smarter. I should know better .

IF it was you how much bb would you have put in? any way to fix or save it by adding more gso to thin it out?

i do .5cc prim 1cc sus .5cc master ever 72 hours

i believe it’s 100/mg per ml. Has anyone home brewed it, based on my recipe what do you think went wrong? anyway to fix it 20g prim with shipping is expensive!

Okay if its not the mg/ml, then perhaps its some other steroid than genuine primo, perhaps test prop, which can give very painful PIP.

I used to homebrew. I don’t know if I ever actually got genuine primo. It was very expensive for the powder. It never felt like the magical substance that I had heard about, with no negative side effects. It really didn’t feel any different to taking test> I still got hair loss, a bit of acne, despite it not supposedly being as androgenic as test. I found EQ more to my liking, much cheaper and less side effects for me.

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Also the recipe doesn’t have anything about the BA or BB that looks wrong. You could get away with 2% BA, (or even none, I never got infections with 0% BA). I doubt BA is the problem, cause I have used pharma test with 10% BA and it had no PIP.

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1.5 - 2% BA is entirely sufficient. BB is the variable you need to figure out, depending on the compound’s solubility. 2/10 ratio BA/BB is where I used to always start off with. Titrate BB as necessary. The concentration you’re aiming for will drastically affect everything. Primo, 200 mg/ml max…100 is pretty standard.

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I thought soo too, maybe a little too much BB? do you think its possible to re heat the batch, add like 1cc of ba and 10 ml of gso that might still be effective but take the bite/sting off the shot.

I inject and get a golf ball lump in there after a day then reddness and swelling for up tp 5 days more.

thanks everyone on here you guys are great thank you

thanks for the response. I literally did the best research i could on the correct formula. but even at .5cc i get a golf ball sized knot, reddness and swelling in the area of the injection for up to 5 days.

Any recommendation on if i can add more ba or gso to balance it out take the bite off or am i screwed on it lol?

Definitely not more BA. Just add more oil to thin it out, reheat, re-filter. Do the math with the additional oil to get your new concentration.

You could try Juice’s recommendation by diluting your mix. Say if you cut and re filtered it into 50mg/ml, you have to inject twice as much to get the same amount with the previous mix.
It might work better if you injected into 2 different sites at the same session, and see if each site has reduced PIP.

Dilution seems to work for some guys, so its worth a try.
The only time I tried to dilute a mix was with test prop, and it still hurt a lot at 50mg/ml. That’s just me though, and I used to inject double the volume into one site. I never tried spitting the sites during a single session.

More BA won’t help with pain. Some people attribute high BA to an increase in PIP. Maybe? Like I said in an earlier post I tried pharma prescribed test with 10% BA, no PIP. People can react differently to others with the same compound.

I’ll give that a shot, it’s kinda what I was thinking but wasn’t sure. I’ll let you guys know if it works

Yeah im not sure what causes it either too much, too little or just a incorrect formula. I’m going to thin it out like you guys suggest and give it another shot or else a very expensive lesson learned hahah

thanks guys

There might be more going on in brewing than Im realising, but based on that recipe it looks like, at face value, you have 20g of Primo and 88ml of carrier, meaning you brewed 227mg/ml primo, not 100mg/ml

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Okay, thats a high concentration for Primo. Mike should definitely dilute and filter the mix with more GSO.

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Dilution is pretty much the only option you have with your current issue. Next time you brew, add BB first to the raw, and see how it reacts/dissolves. Start with 10% BB for most compounds. Hell, things like EQ that are liquidy/gel at room temp, and others with low melting points (test e) don’t even need that much most times. Add the carrier oil after you’ve introduced the BB and tried to dissolve the raws. BA doesn’t need more than 2%.

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