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Primobolan Effect on SHBG?

Came across this on Primobolan in Wikipedia : " Metenolone has very low affinity for human serum sex hormone-binding globulin ( SHBG ), about 16% of that of testosterone and 3% of that of DHT."

Does this mean Primobolan is less harsh on SHBG ?

Please chime in with your experience .

The effect is lesser, but that kind of goes out the window when you remember what sort of doses are used. Having a lesser effect on SHBG kind of gets lost when you run it at 800+mg/w.


How about if u use 100-200 mgs per week ? I have low DHT and trouble staying lean on TRT no matter diet/exercise .

Well those are two separate issues. As far as getting a nice DHT boost from primo I’d say absolutely try it. It’s great stuff and has pretty much no side effects, even at high doses.

As far as staying lean, I’m finding now that I have the same issue and it looks related to insulin resistance.

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I also have trouble dropping fat. Glucose tolerance/insulin sensitivity is borderline (fasting glucose is around 95)

More or less my issue stems from genetics. My fathers side of the family is naturally thin/wiry. My mother’s side has a predisposition for metabolic abnormalities. Most are obese or tall and broad (weeps) and preferentially store fat around the hip/waist region. They’re the reason my brother is nearly 6 ft yet weighs less than I do… and I’m… not… tall… dammit…

It doesn’t bother me anymore (lies)


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Hi @unreal24278

How much shorter than your brother are you?

Interesting, what’s the age difference? would you say you and your brother had a similar diet growing up?


Height difference is around the 10-13 cm range

I was always noticeably shorter than him, even as a baby.

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What are y’all doing to combat insulin resistance? Diet change? Metformin? Barberine (idk how to spell it)?

Not identical?

Would you say you both had the same food intake growing up?

I’m currently cutting back carbs and taking berberine. Will see how that goes over the next few weeks.

Cool. Did some light reading on that and may order some to try. My doctor has told me to give it a shot before, so might as well. Also, I sent you an email earlier!