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Primobolan/DBol Stack Advice

Hey guys,

I’m about to start my first cycle ever and was going to run test at 500mg with a dbol kick start.However; I was curious to know if anybody has any experience running the classic primobolan/dbol stack that Arnold used and how would I go about using it . Is this a cycle one could gain 15 pounds and keep permanently after the cycle is complete ?

Would this cycle produce less side effects?

How long and how much would the dianabol be used for and the primobolan?

pct needed? hcg needed?nolvadex or proviron needed throughout cycle?

The reason I am asking this is since my original plan was to run test enth/dbol, but I know a lot of the weight gain will be from water and when I come off I may only have about 10-15 pounds that will stick with me that may be muscle. So I was thinking, would running dianabol/primobolon produce less weight gain throughout the cycle but give constant growing muscle mass with the same results in the end after pct but with less side effects such as acne, hair loss, sweeting, quicker recovery time, and more quality muscle?

If anybody can give me any input on this stack, it would be greatly appreciated!

Also, below is the original plan I was going with and background info on me:

Some background info on myself:
23 year old male. I have been lifting for 4 years (with the most time off would be a week a year) and train 3 times a week with a trainer. I started at a weight of about 105 and am at 161-165 at a height of 5’5. My body fat is about 16.5 though I haven’t measured in a while. This will be my first cycle and am looking to put on about 20 pounds that I can keep after the cycle is over with if possible.

The cycle:
weeks 1-4 25 mg of Dianabol everyday

weeks1-10 500 mg of test. Enanthate, 250mg shot on mon and another 250mg shot on thursday each week doing this (during the end of my 9th week I begin HCG everyother day after my last 250mg shot of test enth.on the 9th week for 500ius every other day and bump up nolvadex to 20 mg everyday and get rid of the proviron)

weeks11 HCG every other day at 500ius and nolvadex at 20mg everday
week 12 wait 3 days from my last HCG injection then begin PCT of nolvadex at 20mg every day
week 13 20mg nolvadex everyday
week14 20mg of nolvadex everyday
week 15 20 mg of nolvadex everyday
week 16 10 mg of nolvadex everyday
week 17 5 mg of nolvadex everyday

Anti-Estrogens,HCG, and Post Cycle Therapy
Proviron 25 mg and Nolvadex at 10 mg throughout cycle but alternating each day between the two( example: tuesday proviron 25mg, wed nolvadex 10 mg, thursday proviron 25mg, etc.) I stop proviron on the begining of my 10th week and bump of the nolvadex for 20mg for weeks 11-15.For Pct I will be running nolvadex everyday for 6 weeks starting the 12th week. HCG i begin right after my second shot of test enth. on the 9th week, I begin HCG at 500 ius every other day which will take me into weeks 10 and 11 still on HCG. then after my last dose of HCG i wait three days and then begin my 6 week nolvadex pct

Should side effects be under control with this cycle with the precautions I am making with the nolvadex and proviron? Also, are any supplements needed when using Dianabol for this dosage because of the toxicity?

I have a question about MPB…my dad is somewhat bald in the back on his head ,but on my mom’s side, all the males except my uncle(i think caused hes stressed) died with a full head of hair in their 80’s. So I’m not sure if I am going to go bald ,I think i’ve have some recession on the sides after looking at some pics when I was 18(I’m 23 now), so im not sure if im going to go bald or not. Is proscar something that really works well and if so how much should I take a day and for how long during my cycle?

Also, is it an obtainable goal for me to get over 200 pounds with three bulking cycles?

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Long post. Here’s a short reply to your question about the primo/dbol stack. Firstly, I wasn’t aware that it was a ‘classic’, ie I’ve never head of this combo before, lol. OK, whilst primo is LOVELY stuff in my opinion, dbol is definitely NOT.

wHy would you run something as smooth, dry and side-effect free as primo, but then add in a bloaty, gyno-inducing substance like dbol??? Anavar or even OT would be a MUCH better combo in my opinion. In fact, I think that a cycle of primo and anavar will be on my horizon soon :slight_smile: Maybe not a ‘mass-monster’ cycle, but dry, dry, dry, and quality mass with minimal sides (except for some abdominal distention from the 'var. Sorry, I’m rambling. End of post. [/quote]

My good man Bushy, I agree with so much of your excellent responses that it pains me greatly to have to disagree with you on this one.

Primo + Dbol is one of the better steroid combinations I have personally tried. Blood tests done before, during, and after the protocol indicated good recovery of natural T after usage (yes, even with the Dbol!). My dosages were never huge (actually, I have NEVER done a heavy high dosage steroid cycle…just very moderate cycles no more than 8 weeks).

Hopefully you can forgive me for having to state my disagreement in public!

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I completely agree with you. Primo is known for its lean, dry gains. So you take a compound known for LBM gains and cutting cycles, and you add dbol–known for blowing and bloating guys up? No way would I run this. Primo is pretty weak, and I wouldn’t expect to really notice its effects under all that water, weight, and pumps from dbol.

Keep dbol to mass cycles, and primo to cutting or lean gains. EQ, deca, test-e/c–these are the drugs you use dbol with, not primo, tren, or prop. Combining something like tbol or var with primo would be much better choice imho, definitely. Buy hey, if someone wants to drop a ton of cash on precious primo and then cover it with estrogenic bloat and fat… whatever floats your boat.

i went with Primo and OT for the first cycle and after doing it I should have gone with Primo and Winny or Var bacuse I think it would have yeilded the result I wanted and been a bit leaner gains. I got bloated on OT but results have varied from the guys I talked to about it.

If I had the cycle over again I would go with

W 1-8 Primo 400-600mg/w
W 1-8 Winny 50mg/d

I had a friend run a Primo/Winstrol cycle at 100mg/50mg everyday. He loved it and had great results - except his dick stopped working around 7 weeks (he ran it for 12 I think).

I think a Primobolan/Dianabol stack would be fine, just keep that Dianabol under 25mg/day and use it more as TRT and a boost in the gym. I’d run 5mg every 4 hours.

you could run it with a bit of test or proviron as well if you are worried about libido.

[quote]TheBeat wrote:
I had a friend run a Primo/Winstrol cycle at 100mg/50mg everyday. He loved it and had great results - except his dick stopped working around 7 weeks (he ran it for 12 I think).

I think a Primobolan/Dianabol stack would be fine, just keep that Dianabol under 25mg/day and use it more as TRT and a boost in the gym. I’d run 5mg every 4 hours.[/quote]

Primobolan and dbol, Arnold stack :slight_smile: it works.


Your goal is to gain over 40 lbs? That’s a lot of mass.
In your case, I’d do 500 mg of test enanthate weekly and 50 to 100 mg of d-bol daily for 8 weeks. If you could get it I’d run clomid at least every other day. Last 4 weeks I’d run primobolan and proviron with clomid. Then, if still necessary run clomind for another week or two or until your boys decend if they haven’t already.

It sound like you want mass so stick with the drugs that will give it to you. I love the lighter drugs like primo, winny, and deca, but test, d-bol anadrol are your best bets for an ass load of mass. I suggest using the primo at the end to help hold what you gain and maybe gain a little more while your dropping water. Eat a shit load of clean food too and take 5 to 10 grams of creatine (if you don’t already) as well.


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