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Primobolan: Better Cutter or Lean Bulker?

So am I understanding you correctly? You’re currently using it during a cut and seeing lean gainz?

Hey @dptfit are you saying Primo will add lean bulk or strength during a cut? If it does either, I’m running it during this cut.

Drugs > No Drugs any situation. That doesn’t mean you are maximizing their potential.


Its a DHT so it acts like anavar but stronger. Both are two of the best AAS for a cut to minimize muscle loss in a calorie deficit. So if you are looking to maximize your cut then obviously primo will help you. Would it be good for adding mass in a blast, sure, but if the stage your in now is cutting I think it’s effective. There are stronger AAS for bulk and strength than Primo as well, but greater gain comes with greater potential sides. Yes, AAS are effective to build mass etc, but many were also designed to offset catabolic impacts of caloric deficit from disease or otherwise. That’s why it was developed in the 60’s to begin with. If you maintain more mass during a cut, your next blast/lean build will be better. Personally I liked it better than anavar but it made my hair shed faster.


Yes you are understanding correctly. Cycle as follows
600/wk primo
400/wk test
400/wk deca
36iu/wk hgh
Proviron 50 mg/day
Tbol 60mg/day 1-4
Anavar 50mg/day 8-12
I always seem to fail at cutting in gear. I just grow. Currently eating around maintinance and doing 250cal/day cardio. The intent was to be a slow cut for 8 weeks then access and see what I need to do for the last four. The reality is that I. The first five weeks I’ve put on 2.5 lbs of muscle. No water. No fat.
With that said I’m gonna ride this out through week 8 and then do a hard 4 week cut if needed. From the belly up I’m hardening and looking great. Just need to get rid of a little fat around the belly and love handles. Thinking 6-8 lbs will be the ticket.

Wheres the kitchen sink? I kid … I kid… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We call this one the poor man’s cycle. Because if you weren’t poor before, you will be after.


My next is likely to be my most expensive due to the HGH. I posted in the other thread that my clinic called and said the HGH was $468 for 17.5 iu. I won’t list the brand due to forum policy but its pharmacy. I’m going to see if they will write a script because you can get a kit which is 8 vials of the 17.5iu for $2500 which will last me 8 weeks at 2.5iu/day. Thats at least palatable. The primo was pennies by comparison.

I am going in for my blood test tomorrow and will be testing IGF-1. I will update on how much improvement I have gotten from the MK-677. Not sure if a good improvement would say you much though? It is certainly possible it hasn’t done much too.

Pharma GH is brutal. UGL seems worth the risk of bunk GH. Just get the IGF-1 bloods to confirm how good the UGL HGH is.

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Not sure what you mean here sir.

I Absolutely agree.

Yup. That’s what I’ve been thinkin’! My problem is that when I try to cut on TRT test, alone, size and strength start dropping. My workouts suck, I fail on my top end sets, and my arm and chest measurements shrink faster than my waist measurement. Many say that it’s just part of the game and you have to live with it. But I have a very hard time with this. Because I’m still so far from where I want to be, I end up unwilling to live with the loss of muscle and end up jacking Test back up over 200mg/wk and training harder/eating more because of appetite(so my cut turns into a bulk).

I’m wondering if I drop to TRT dose and add 400-600 Primo to it, if I can successfully cut with zero loss of muscle for the first time in my life. My clinic is telling my “Yes, you can, and primo is the answer to that problem.” They suggest Test/Primo for cutting and Test/NPP for bulking.

Thanks for sharing your full cycle! The fact that you’re hardening up and even gained 2.5 dry pounds while on 400Test/400Deca/36IUHGH is promising. That’s a lot of bloat-inducing gear.

Reading back over this whole thread, and watching countless YouTube videos by vigorous Steve, Derek from MPMD, and the like, I gather this much:

  1. If you can cut on low-dose test only, and keep your lean mass, you should.
  2. To get the most benefit out of Primo, or any anabolic compound, you should not be in a caloric deficit, you should be training and eating like a champion.
  3. Primo does help retain muscle in a cut, better than TRT-dose Test, alone. But it will not recomp you. Like any AAS, it’s muscle building potential requires calories.

Hmmmmmm. I may just say screw it and use it for this cut. And then use it again later for a bulk, instead of bulking on Test/NPP, because that combo did not work out for me this past cycle.

I’m not hurting for cash so I’ll prob go pharma and the legal route. I’ve been doing a lot of research and so far it seems pharmacy grade yields better results with less ius and also tends to yield less water/carpal tunnel symptoms.


Meant to type “sway”. Seems you are almost set on doing the GH. I have seen such mixed reviews of MK. I have seen some where IGF-1 levels are elevated to almost GH injection level (1.5iu a day), and some where it does almost nothing. I am only taking like 7.5-10 mg of the stuff at night, so we will see what the results are.

I haven’t had any of the negative sides some people talk about. Perhaps that is because it is dosed at night, and at the lower end of dosing recommendations? Maybe I am just lucky.

I’ve tried peptides twice now and blown almost $1000 on them. Zero results. Done trying.

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Me neither, but it would still break my scotch heart.

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You shoulda seen the service bill for my Mclaren last month. That would make your butt hurt.

IIRC, the growth hormone secretagogues work in two different ways. The MK has a different mechanism than the Seromelin / Ipromelin stuff (probably butchered a lot of spelling in this post).

The MK is a Ghrelin mimic, so it acts upon the hypothalamus, the pituitary simultaneously. The injectables you used only have action upon the pituitary (and I would think would cause a lowering of GHRH (not positive on this, but I thought those two where GHRH mimics), which MK should do the opposite of).

Probably more than I have paid for a car so far lol.

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My doses tend to be a little on the higher side. I don’t respond as well to lower doses.
I think this cycle will be run later this year. I may make the following changes though.
test 250/wk
HGH 36iu/wk
As i mentioned in the HGH thread. I have to run the HGH in 3 doses weekly due to at home storage issues. I fell these high bursts of GH after the really hard days is a big contributor to my growth whilst in deficit. Next time I will hopefully be able to run it daily but i’m not opposed to doing it this way again.

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Yeah it def wasn’t cheap but quality products are worth paying for i think.

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Wow that is expensive. If I didn’t get such a great deal on the green pens that i’m currently using I prob wouldn’t have even bothered. But now that I have I don’t wanna run gear without.
I paid $200 for 15mg pens.