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Primobolan: Better Cutter or Lean Bulker?

Well, it could be fake. I can’t be sure. I’m trusting them.

That is definitely an issue with Primo, a lot of pinning at high doses

What country are you based in? (if you don’t mind answering)
I thought primo was contraband in the US.

Primo will hold in MCT oil at 225-250mg/ml with minimal solvents. At 200/ml you’re looking at two 1.5ml pins a week. Not so bad. If you’re buying “pharma” stuff from overseas at 100 per ampule…man that’s a lot of oil. It’s so much oil that after you’ve cycled for a few weeks the US announces they’re invading your house in order to liberate the people and spread democracy.


Was wondering why gas prices are on the rise!! :joy:
Agreed about the amount of oil. If I was to run this again I would look for a higher concentration I think.

I’m in the US. I don’t question my clinic on the details of how they get their stuff or the legality of them sending it to me. As long it comes from them, to me, with an M.D.‘s name on it, I’m good.

lmao that is awesome and scandalous these clinics exist.

So far, I have 4 votes lean bulk, 1 vote cut (but not with Primo).

I’m surprised! I really thought Primo shined as a cutter.

It appears to be a gray area. It is schedule 3 same as Test. It isn’t approved for use by the FDA. Some sites are saying doctors are allowed to import it at their discretion for rare situation.

I guess it depends on what you want. Maintaining muscle mass while cutting, primo and anavar are your go to’s, plenty of studies behind them to maintain mass in a caloric deficit.

Are those really much better at maintaining mass than just bumping test slightly though? I would agree to using more if we are talking about a very developed person (think bodybuilder), but for us mortals, I am not convinced those will be a game changer compared to just high TRT test.

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Here is my advice. Cut with TRT+ by that I mean a small bump over your TRT dose. Do that for 6-8 weeks before and then lean bulk on the Primo. I lost a ton of fat in that time frame and I was leaner than you to start so I’d say this is a solid option.


Yeah, I think you and @mnben87 are right. And @iron_yuppie has said in the past that drugs are for building muscle, not cutting. I’m leaning toward doing a fat loss sprint of 6 weeks or so at TRT dose (175/wk) and then a lean bulk on 400Test/600Primo.

I’m gonna take a long look in the mirror tonight and sleep on it. I…HATE…CUTTING!

By design yes I would say they are, from experience I would say yes as well. Since he can get it, why not let him give it a shot and see how his body does? I think the difference at times between “lean bulk” and regular bulk is water. Primo is dry, bloating won’t be as significant.

Perhaps you are right. I seem to have as good of luck with TRT as I have with higher Test and Anavar.

My theory on cutting with AAS is to use it when your deficit makes recovery not possible. Lowering training would likely cause muscle or strength loss. I suppose if I bumped test to 250, and was still not recovering, I would try to add maybe an oral like Tbol or Var. As long as I can train hard though, I don’t think I would add much.

Var is a good addition to TRT. Have you tried Primo? Amazing addition even in small doses to TRT for cut. I’m saying this after cutting for years for contests without AAS, incredible. I am barely breaking a sweat and having the same results of crash diet and hours of cardio, retaining much more muscle mass. I see bf% leaving faster with very little change in strength, and a great deal of muscle mass remaining.

Hmm, experience is worth something IMO. Have you ever just tried upping your test for a cut though?

You can do it like @iron_yuppie does in his MENT thread. I think that’s a good informative way to log without posting pictures. Pictures aren’t what I’m interested in anyways. If it’s just about pictures, dbol and nandrolone will win every cycle log probably.

I would be interested in side effects and subjective well-being as well as data on weight, BF, strength or waist circumference for example. You can do that without pictures and I think it would be a great contribution. If you have the time to do it, I’d appreciate it greatly.

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To piggyback on this, I’m going to be updating my log when I finish this poor excuse for a cut and start my MENT/primo run. I think this time I’ll give starting measurements and use those to track things more accurately. It’ll be the next best thing to pictures.

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Looks like we posted that at the same time. @mnben87 and I seem to often think alike.

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