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Primobolan: Better Cutter or Lean Bulker?

So as some of you know I’ve just finished up a cycle and am contemplating my next one.

I’ve searched the forums here and didn’t see a thread that fully ran this subject to ground.

And research elsewhere on the internet is 50/50 on this.

So…what say you all? Is primo better used for a clean, lean bulk or as a cutter? Where does it really shine?

I ask because I’m considering both options right now.

For those that haven’t followed my log, I’m 41 yrs old, 22 training yrs old, pretty strong, and 218 pounds ~20% BF. When I look in the mirror, it’s time to cut.

But my dilemma is that the next three months of my life are going to be ideal for adding a lean 5-10 pounds of clean, quality mass. I’ll have optimal control over diet and training, with very few distractions.

I’m torn! Keep a Test base, add the primo, and start a cut? Or run moderate Test, high primo and try to put on a quality 5-10 more pounds with zero fat?

High primo, lean bulk. No question.

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I am becoming more of a believer in the “leave the cutting cycles to the pros” idea.

I would cut first on TRT (you are on TRT, right?). Then use the Primo for a lean bulk.

Now, I wouldn’t be too opposed to starting a cut at TRT dosages, then see how it goes. If I start really losing muscle, or strength, just bumping up the TRT to allow recovery. I think going from say 150 mg/wk to 250 mg/wk when things get tough will not introduce a lot of risk, but should give an advantage while cutting in regards to preservation of muscle mass. I think this makes sense for the level of people on this forum. The top IFBB guys will lose a shit ton of muscle doing that, as their bodies do not want to hold all that muscle. Most of us here are likely not much past our genetic potential, so just using a bit more test should allow for good muscle retention.


I did a little primo with my trt dose prior to my last cycle (similar to yours). Liked it better than NPP and anavar. Dropped it because of shedding but I would highly recommend. Good lean consistent gains. In regards to cut, certainly much easier to cut on higher T dose hands down. I’m still cutting, I added a little hgh to TRT and I’m really happy with the results so far with zero cardio. I’d do primo all day if I could. It was dry for me.

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And you are already typing, lifting and cycling. Username is not an overstatement, it seems.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: good catch, man. Editing now.

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I’m currently using primo for the first time and while this cycle was intended as a cut I have found this is a great compound for a lean bulk. I have never really had any luck cutting on anything besides TRT dose of test.

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How much primo will the prescribe you? I think i’ve settled on 400mg test C, 600mg primo enth for my summer cycle along with possibly 3iu/day HGH.

They only prescribe 200mg test/week, but I’ve stockpiled enough to run 400. And they’re sending enough primo to run 600 for 10 weeks. So, If I go the lean bulk route, I’d be running the same thing you’re planning, minus the HGH.

We could run a friendly 1v1 competition to make things interesting and keep us focused :wink::flushed:We’re about same age and lifting experience.

I’d have a slight advantage because you’re probably closer to your max potential than I am.

But you’d have a slight advantage because you’d have the HGH working for you.

Lemme know!

How are y’all planning to pin the primo? Most of the primo I’ve found is 100mg/ml, which would be a lot of liquid to be injecting

Man you have one hell of a clinic. What clinic is it? What are they charging you for the 6,000 mg of primo?

Mine is 200mg/ml and its enth. 2x per week.

Have you tried it yet? Any pip?

No its reserved for summer but supposedly from word of mouth is not painful.

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I hope you’ll do a cycle log brother. This is something that I will do in the future.

Large syringe, large needle, alternating glutes, EOD injections.

Worked for me in the past with no issues.

Sorry can’t discuss sources on here. And I don’t know if they want www exposure.

And it’s $450 for the 6000mgs Primo.

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I’m a little hesitant to do that only from the standpoint that I think a log without pictures is useless and I’m not apt to posting a ton of photos due to anonymity. I’ll think about it though!

Thats actually really freakin good for Primo.

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I think TRT clinics are a different story. We just had a thread “how much are you paying for 10 mL of Test” thread. It talked about different clinics (I know Defy was named).

That is really good coming from a clinic. Hell, that isn’t even bad if UGL.