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Primobolan/Anavar cycle


i need help. how much and how long should I take primobolan? I have 4 weeks worth of 40mg Anavar.
someone design a cycle for me.


This post should be moved to Steroids subforum, where it can be ridiculed for the useless piece of crap that it is....you're an idiot

MODS please move


Ok, give me 2 months and I'll make a cycle proposal for you, stay tuned.


I need to take the safe route, I'm gyno prone and acne prone. I don't want to bulk a crazy amount, If I was I would taken dbol.


Are you a troll?


Design a cycle for you?

Test E 500mg/wk
Arimidex .5mg EOD for gyno, bloat, bulk insecurities.

Bam. done.

search for a PCT.


I was wondering this myself. The Op has made a number of threads now about anavar cycles and other things of related nature.


First time I read "...and other things of a RETARDED nature" which is actually more fitting for these threads he has started. Before it was dbol/anavar, now primo/anavar. I've seen various online "retailers" selling all sorts of bad stacks that I think a lot of new people are getting bad ideas from.