Primobolan Acetate Oral Dose

35 y/o
15ish %bf (guessing only)

Use TRT @200mg/week and low dose blasts up to 375mg/week. I’ve also used anavar a few times along with test since march of 22 while trying to make a comeback from being extremely out of shape. I like the anavar but it hits my lipids pretty rough at useable doses.

Anyone have 1st hand experience using oral primo?

Can taking sublingual better absorption?

I realize inj is preferred but the oral is what I could reliably get for now. Thanks for input and consider I’m trying to stick to low dose test + adding safer compounds and take as long as I need to get it done. The end goal is a classic physique look.

What is your immediate goal? Are you cutting for asthetics? Boosting athletic performance? Bulking? For me, Primo Depot is a staple but I am at ~9%bf and focused on athletic speed and agility and body recomp. I read that you can easily get the oral but I would encourage you to pursue the injectable. Injectable has relatively very few to no sides so doesn’t require AIs nor SERMs. If you want to bulk, you’ll want to stack with something more anabolic, if you are cutting you’ll want to stack with something that is known to target fat especially visceral fat (such as Winstrol or Anavar). If you are cutting and want to go the oral route, Winstrol suspension (drink it) is the best thing out there. However, it is the target of the ‘hard on joints’ myth. In reality, Winstrol promotes collagen synthesis which strengthens and repairs joints. BUT, it is a very strong diuretic so it drains your body of water. If you don’t step up hydration, your joints will ache just like they would if you were dehydrated from any cause.

Goal is cutting. I want to hold much muscle as possible though. Probably same as most people. I’ve been big and fat and it ain’t all that filling out shirts lol.

At 5’7 I have enough muscle to be top of weight class for classic if I can keep it.

I keep striking out trying to get primo e, first time was fake Bayer years ago and actually made me sick for nearly 2 weeks.

Most recently it was UGL and def not primo. My HCT, LDL, AST and ALT went out of range in only 3 weeks @3ml per week. Had awful anxiety too my best guess is EQ.

Paid jano to test it then find out it costs 275 to ship him the sample. I’ve nearly given up on finding primo e for now.

Thanks. It’s just a number I gave y’all for reference.

You can see I can barley get 4mm off the the upper chest but abb or iliac can grab inches with a caliper. It sucks but I’m going to see this through.

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You’ll read and hear a lot of guys say that steroids don’t burn fat. That’s only a partial truth. Tren, for example was created to burn fat and build muscle – in cattle. And, i’ve never seen a cow nor bull doing squats or bench presses. LOL.

I think that narrative is rooted in trying to discourage newbies (who don’t know any better) that AAS is not a magic bullet - you still need to do the work. AAS Amplifies whatever you do: reduced calories / exercise / substance assistance = less body fat.

I love (injectable) Primo but I would encourage you to read up on Winstrol versus Anavar regarding fat loss rather than use Primo oral for fat reduction. They both target SubQ and Visceral fat. They will burn fat (rapidly) as long as your calories-in are less than calorie-expenditure. I would choose one of them to target fat. Or cycle between both and see how you react to them. I would suggest low dose (240ish) test as a base. Tren is a great fat burner but the sides are what nightmares are made of.

I saw my abs for the first time in my life (while maintaining muscle) while on Winstrol, Anavar, and a small test base. Once that honeymoon of fat burning was over, I added masteron and Primo. Wish you the best of success in this regard.

No worries and thank you.

Up till recently I haven’t counted calories or macros so probably been half assing the diet side. I was able to loose weight just eating clean foods and quit alcohol entirely. That progress stalled out around October.

I’m now tracking with high and low days

1700 100fat, 200 protein

2500 100 fat , 200 carbs , 200 protein

I bet sticking to the diet instead of winging it will go along way.

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I’ve read a bit on glp1. Seems like good stuff. It’s quite expensive for a peptide but if works it would be worth it. Im not super hungry even on low days so maybe I can pull food back a bit more after I give it a month.

Alright boys.

Back to post the final product.
I’m happy with the result and excited to keep moving the ball forward.

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What did you weigh on stage if you don’t mind my asking? You look to have held a ton of muscle during that stage cut. Well done.

Thank You,

Don’t mind at all - was 175lb Friday evening weigh in and carb loaded as much as I could that night.

I’m not certain what I weighed sat morning on stage but I’d guess 182-186lbs

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Wow, you look HEAVY. I’m same height and would have put you close to 190 as a guess. Thats a really stout weight for somebody our size. My friend that competes is also 5’7" and he hit the stage at 175 too. You look much more massive.

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