Primobolan Acetate (Metenolone)

I had A: medium brown, B: dark brown, D: dark brown after a few minutes. My camera doesn’t represent the colors well at a distance. You can see closely that for A and B, what appeared as black is dark brown, and for D, up close you see purple for some, but from far they look brown. The close shots are most accurate.
The light brown for the A test is concerning, but the D test turned quickly, so not likely boldenone, and someone else had similar results which the manufacturer said still indicates Primobolan.

The one sorta creepy thing about the primobolan packages is that they all smelled like cigarettes. Nothing else I’ve ordered from IA Superpharma has smelled like this. Perhaps they sat somewhere for a while since it’s expensive and not so sought after. No infection issues or pip from this product anyway.

I tested two different brands of primo E and one brand of test E. For D, both of the primos started out light purple and turned to a dark brownish black. The test E went from light to dark purple.

On the B test, the two versions of primo had radically different results, but are in different oils.

According to a rep from the test manufacturer, the B test is just the ester, where-as the D test is the actual steroid. The two brands I tested use different oils. I’ve bought from IA for a while, but didn’t really use their test. Their deca gave me gyno and deca dick as soon as I ramped it up to 600, so I assume it’s legit. I’ve been using other brands such as Maxtreme for test, which has given me more kick than other brands, but recently I switched to IA for test, and at the level I’m running it at–3500mg a week, my blood pressure shot up, so it must be far more potent than the other brands I’ve been using. I’d like to send my gear out for better tests, but am not sure who to send to. I’ve seen “jano” recommended, but they seem to be out of business. Very recently I also bought some Pharmaqo test and primo from Domestic Supply just because on other forums I see this resaler promoted so much, and I see IA, among others, trashed so much. The Pharmaqo primo shown here tests exactly the same on the D test as the IA brand (the ester test is radically different), and, other than good mood, primo isn’t something that’s going to give you noticeable results or sides right away. When I took the Pharmaqo test, though, it felt flat, so I don’t think I’ll be getting it again. I ran out of tests, though, so I’ll be testing it sometime in the future to see if it’s at least fairly legit.

Finding a good source is rather difficult. Guys on these forums say to just read and figure it out (instead of just mentioning what source they like), and there’s so much cross bashing that I don’t believe anyone.

Attached are pictures. First two are the light purple the primos (and, of course, testosterone, not shown) started as for the D test. Next two are the brownish black the primos turned. Both turned in less than 3 minutes. Third is the decidedly more purple the test turned (as it should according to the chart). Final is the three vials and their results. The chart actually shows a shift from light grayish brown to a dark grayish brown for primo, and I’m waiting on the RoidTest rep to confirm whether the charcoal brown result I got (which started light purple) is legit for primo.

Scratch that. The pics loaded out of order. Second and fifth are the light purple the primo started as. First and fourth are what both primos turned to (charcoal brown). Third is the purple the testosterone turned to, and last pic is all of the tests and their products.

Never mind. They’re in business. Now, we can officially see if this primo that doesn’t give me any pip is legit. Might as well have my IA test tested as well. The tests are $120 each. I’m not broke, but eh. Guess I gotta, though.

I also got this response from RoidTest:

"Thank you for your images and notes.

Your reactions in D indicate the proper steroids are present, as testosterone enanthate will go from light to dark purple and primobolan will go from light purple to dark brown.

The B ampule is used for ester identification. Since esters are fatty acids, this ampule can be impacted by the type of carrier oil used. The very light reaction in one of your primo samples in test B, indicates that MCT oil was used as the carrier oil.

Best regards,


…So this supposed primo that isn’t giving me pip and is making me feel happy (primo supposedly does that), might actually be legit. I’ve seriously gotten next to zero pip from this stuff. Next step is waiting for a response from Jano so I can ship them some and see just how strong and legit this primo (and testosterone) is.

God damn dude… notwithstanding the dose

that can’t be cheap

That’s 1.5 vials of test per week.

How much primo do you intend to use? Surely all the primo in the world can’t make a difference compared to 3500mg test/wk?

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I feel a difference. I felt even more when I was front loading a week ago. Made me happy, more, not exactly arrogant, but different. Obviously the physical effects of primo won’t be seen for a while. A suggested ratio is 1:1, and obviously I’m not going to run 3500mg of primo. That would be expensive and a lot of pinning. At this point I’m just trying things. Someone else I know who has my ideal physique uses it. I’ve read that it dries you out some, but otherwise leaves you fuller, which I like. It also improves mood, and it does for me, unlike tren and others. It lowers SHBG, can block estrogen somewhat.

At this point I’m just trying things. I’ve been blasting and cruising for a while, and have only been taking a month off between blasts, which works for some, but my gains have dropped off even with more gear, so I think that at the end of this blast I need to take a few months off to reset. Some have even said to increase gear to restore gains. Doesn’t seem to work for me, but I also wonder if I had under dosed gear before. The test from IA is noticeably stronger.

I started this blast in March with a gram or so of test a week, 400-600mg deca a week, and 50mg of dbol a day. I ran the Dbol for maybe 5 weeks and saw nothing except brown piss and lethargy, so I cut it. I noticed things actually pick up a bit after I dropped the dbol.

As for 3500 grams of test, much more recently I wasn’t seeing anything spectacular from this cycle, and one day I just wanted to feel what it would be like to pin 500mg in one day. Felt great. What has also happened is that my estrogen has likely climbed. My injured shoulder pain has virtually disappeared. It’s great. I’m able to (carefully) shoulder-fly 45+ pound dumbbells (something I hadn’t done since I injured my shoulder in October). When I started to wanna cry at the drop of a hat, though, and had painful nips, I started in some aromasin at 12mg every 2 days, something I couldn’t do before because it would actually make my muscles sore (possible underdosed gear). Now, it’s dialed in pretty well. Not teary, and shoulder pain is still mostly gone. I’m just going to go with this until the end of June. If I grow, I make keep on longer. Otherwise, I’ll stop and cruise for a few months. I’d like to run the primo at a cruise dose with test, too, if possible. I like it. Wouldn’t be very expensive at 250-300mg a week.

After the next cruise, I’ll again see if I can get anything from lower doses, maybe 750 of test and primo, or some variation. Some run the primo lower. Some say they don’t get anything from it at under a gram. Primo is all new to me, so I’ll have to find my way.

Pinned quads last night to give my hams a rest. Not terrible, but a few hours later def some pip. Hardly any ever on my hams, but things are getting tough prob from scar tissue. One issue I do have sometimes on my inner hams is that I’ll hit a vein or something, not likely a blood vein since I usually aspirate, maybe a lymphatic vein, who knows, but when I do, a dull burning sensation will travel through my ham and elsewhere in my leg. It’s kinda creepy. When that happens, I need to either slow down injecting or pick a different place. The burn can actually skip and show up elsewhere on my leg. It’s weird.