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Primobolan Acetate (Metenolone)

Hi guys,

Im on trt and stashing for a blast, done a couple before, for orals I found i respond best to var, especially with strength gains.

Ive currently got the chance to get my hands on primobolan acetate, ive done a fair bit of reading up on injectable primo and have considered running it along with an elevated trt dose, so i have some understanding of dose and expectations with the injectable…

However i know next to nothing about oral primo, anyone here ran it before? What kind of dose are we talking about? Good results? Worth while? Or just a waste of funds?


I’m interested In this as well. I’ve seen both oral and injectable but don’t really know the difference or the pros/cons.

Oral primo is excellent for those who don’t have boy parts. If you do have boy parts then suck it up and inject. Otherwise you’ll spend quite literally 5x as much using the oral version. It’s not a viable option for men.

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Perfect thanks.

Saved me buying and wasting money out of pure curiosity.

@iron_yuppie Does Primo Enth have nasty PIP? I thought I read primo does. The reason I’m asking is most brew it at 100mg/ml but I found a sources with verified third party testing but they have it in 200mg/ml. Wondering if this sounds like a bad idea. I hated running Test Prop and don’t want debilitating pain again.

Depends. The primo I have was made by a brewer who greatly overestimated the need for solvents and it is the worst pain I have ever volunteered for, that one night with a Berlin dominatrix notwithstanding. I wouldn’t give it to my worst enemy.

The other primo I have is at the same concentration, 200mg/ml, and is no more painful that test e. So the answer comes down to who made it and how they approached the process. FWIW the brewer of the painful primo changed his recipe after the first batch because he realized it was overkill.


I don’t understand the primo craze. It seems pretty androgenic (or at least gives androgenic sides) where it really counts (on the hair). The pip is often bad, the concentration is usually 100 mg/mL, it is super expensive and one needs high doses to get much out of it.

Maybe something I am missing? Arnold loved the stuff, so that is saying something.

From everything I’ve gathered so far it’s relatively side effect free, the gains you make off it stick around, it can help lower E2 which I guess is a benefit if you’re running something like high test and/or dbol, and most people report feeling really good while on it.

No personal experience with it, just what little I’ve managed to find. Also seems people are making the same gains on 4-600mg/ that they were on 800+mg a week.

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It’s just completely side effect free and aside from lipids it’s unbelievably safe. The risks are minimal, so it’s attractive.

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I suppose if you aren’t worried about hair or are immune to hair loss (so far this is me at 33) it is appealing.

I had primo @200mg/ml, solvent content was very high. I thought “awesome, I can just take 1ml/wk and be all set”…

Pain, swelling, stiffness etc post injection. Had to dilute to 100mg/ml. Necessitating two shots pw.

2-300mg/wk worked fine for me. Lost bodyfat, scale remained the same. Probably put on like 4lbs LBM and I’ve managed to keep like 90% of what I’ve gained. No side effects were noted at the time aside from a considerable drop in HDL, LDL didn’t budge.

The change is subtle, but 8 (ish) weeks down the line you look into the mirror and think “huh”, because you look totally different in the mirror.

Its been a while since I used Primo. I brewed it at 100mg/ml. It used to sting whilst going in, but I don’t remember it having bad PIP like Test prop.

Pip has been something ive been concerned about, also the high dose needed, previously people saying 600-800 and didn’t fancy 6-8ml of injections a week at all,

Anyone else had success at 200-300mg a week, I could probably manage that ok,

Might run a blast of that before the summer, if we ever get out of lockdown that is…

Well… supplier told me its painless. He has other compounds such as Test 400 listed and explained to have high PIP. So he’s disclosing which do and don’t. I guess I’ll have to beleive him. I’m looking at running Test 200mg/wk and Primo 600mg/wk later this year. From what I’ve read Primo is needed in higher doses and even 600mg isn’t all that high for it.

Are you concerned with the lower test and the primo lowering estrogen?

Worked for me at 2-300mg/wk. Though what I look for out of a “cycle” is probably considerably less than the average Joe

No. That amount of test for me would put my levels at around 1500ng/dl of Test with plenty of aromatization. Plus the DHTs from what I understand don’t really lower estrogen much but moreso act as receptor antagonist.