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Primobolan Acetate Conversion

I searched the T-mag site for this topic, but
I didn’t come up with anything results.

Question for Brock (or others): is it possible to convert primobolan acetate tabs into an injectable? And if yes, how? Thanks.

Yes, it would be a pain in the ass and there
is ZERO compelling reason to do it as
you’re still going to have to inject it
every day.

But it can be done (though I would not
waste my time). -


Brock: thanks for the “half answer” but …
no shit you’re going to have to inject it
every day. But it will make it more effective
IMHO than taking it orally. Also, with TA, or
realistically winny, you have to inject every
day anyway. So why is injecting TA or winny
every day ok, but injecting methenolone
acetate every day is not? With all do respect,
your objection makes no sense. If a person is
doing a 2on 4off routine, then he could do
100mg methenolone acetate per day plus 50mg
winstrol per day (injected), with a loading
day on day 1. This could work well. Maybe not
as cost effective as using TA + winstrol,
but with less side effects. Plus, I can get
the primo tabs cheap(er) since many people
consider them “worthless.” Alternately, I’m
either gonna have to spend a lot to get
primo depot, or use TA with conversion kit
and chance the possibility of greater side
effects (less preferable). So what I’m asking
makes sense OK! So how do you do it?

I have never done this but I too would like to do a 2on/4off with primo. I think in theory you can just get a mortar and pestle and smash the tabs into a fine powder and then use the same kit that is coming out by a certain someone that is intended for Fina.

FE - no offense, but with Primo tabs, you’re
not going to gain all that much using them
as an injection. Let’s say you had
1000 5mg tabs (5g of MA). I suspect that
orally they are 50%-60% as effective as using
them as an injection. So you need to take
100mg per day orally to = about 50mg injected.
Oral is easy.

To make an injection, you're going to have to crush the pellets into dust and use HPLC to remove the MA (you do have access to this, correct?) and you'll lose 40%+ of the MA using HPLC (at least we do with TA so what makes MA any different). So to start out with, you just lost any real advantage you had.

Yeah, you can grind up the pellets and put them in benzyl alcohol and use basically a 'Fina' kit with this instead.

But remember, no matter how you do it, the
soluability of MA in oil is UNDER 50mg/ml
and is probably areounf 25mg/ml to be honest.
Makes for one heck of an injection :slight_smile:

If you do it, lemme know how it works out because I am quite curious.

Best of luck with it,


Brock: thanks for your response. You answered
my question in that you clarified why the
chemistry of converting it to an injectable
would not be worth it. W/o that info, I had
no reason to believe that it would be that
ineffective. I only have a college level 101
understanding of chem so cut me some slack.
I don’t have the time to study the chemistry
and solubility of AAS and esters right now -
as much as I’d like to. So, looks like I’ll
have to pay for the depot or go with the

BTW, I have friends who work in chem labs, (who also happen to know people in lab equip sales ;-) so, yes I do in fact have access to HPLC, but it doesn't sound like it's worth it, regardless.

Actually, chromatography should recover 99%
of the material. It’s true as Brock says that
with TA, one gets about 60% as much TA
as what would nominally be expected from the
label claim. But this is not because of failure
of chromatography: it is IMO due to underdosing
of the product, or degradation of the product
from the time it’s released from the manufacturer to the time one processes it.

It is really appalling how much crap is left
behind when doing the chromatography… I mean,
there is even PURPLE stuff in the pellets,
and a lot of brown crud that I really don’t know what it is (never tried to find out.)

But that’s another subject. In the case of
methenolone acetate, I think one could get
the vast majority transferred successfully,
but I agree with Brock 100% that it would not
be worthwhile and you could not get a good
concentration in oil. It’s equally easy on
the liver orally as by injection, so why not?
(Besides having to approximately double the
dosage, but that I think is much more convenient than preparing an injectable.)