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Primobol Experiences?


Looking specifically at Primobol Forte , Has anybody ever tried this compound? its an oral version of primo from my understanding and a middle ground between winny and var. I would get var and have heard great things as far as cutting goes but it is just not within my budget. I am also am prone to thinning hair so i dont even wanna touch winny. heres my rough draft of a cycle for the upcoming summer.

1-10 test E 1000 mg frontload first week w 500 mg every week after
1-3 dbol 50mg/day
week 5-12 Primo Forte 50mg/day

Im a big fan of bridging rite up until pct with an oral so that is why my cycle looks kinda funky to some ppl but hey , works for me!
let me know what u guys think, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated =))