Primo + Winstrol

a friend of mine, 21 years old, is currently taking a primobolan and winstrol cycle. He has purchased thet tamoxifen citrate for pct.

8 week cycle
primo- 200mg/week
winstrol-escalating dosage up to a max of 50mg/day

Is the nolvadex an effective/optimal option for pct for such a cycle?


LOL @ 200mg of primo. Completely pointless. Probably wont even shut him down fully. Adding the winstrol may though. But the primo is most likely counterfit anyway so yea nolvadex is a good idea.

i see, well i thought primo was some rare shit to get anyway, but he seems convinced he has a good source. Also, i always consideered 500mg of primo to be a good dosage. Maybe he’ll get gains of the winny though. All in all, i’m not expecting him to gain much from the cycle.

Also, Bonez, on a side note. Can you explain to me how hcg reduces chance of infertility developing despite use of exogenous androgens? The logic is that it mimics LH in its action on the testis. But, from what i understand doesn’t LH acts on leydig cells in the male, with FSH required to act on sertoli cells for initation of spermatogenesis???

It sounds like you are doing some good research. I am not terribly well versed in HCG (outside of what you just stated) but the best way I could describe it is the HCG keeps your balls going. Simple as that, whatever exogenous hormones do to your fertility ‘appropriate use’ of HCG helps combat it.

Testicular Atrophy and Fertility may or may not be directly related. Adam brings up a a good point why they may not be.

I’m not sure where the topic of fertility came up, though…

I would also say that the “bro knowledge” is out of hand around here. The method whereby HCG “props up” one leg of the HPTA is not as simple as “keeps your balls going”. Nothing we do with regards to hormone manipulation is that simple.