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Primo/Winny Cycle Help


OK, I am about to do my first cycle and need some advice. I have been thinking about this since I joined this site back in about 2000 so I am fired up.

I was going to try a test/deca cycle with some dbol to kick it off and winny to end (nolva on hand and clomid PCT). I had everything down and was ready to start sourcing my gear.

However my goals have changed and so must my gear. My plan was to gain 30 or so pounds with a goal of keeping 20lbs. Now I would like to gain about 20lbs muscle, lose 20lbs of fat, and maintain that as much as possible post cycle.


16-18% bf


I am thinking of doing Waterbury's new program with high frequency.


Eat everything good, don't eat anything fried, no junk. 5 meals a day with high protien, good fats, and slow digesting carbs.


Might try Flameout and ZMA throughout.


I have Primo and Winny available and think it would be in line with my goals. Neither will need anti-e or PCT which makes my life easier. what I am unsure about is dosage and length. This is what I'm thinkin:

W 1-8 Primo 100mg mon, wed, fri inj
W 1-8 Winny 25mg ED

what do you guys think?


what do your lifts look like? I don't know if ed pinning would be the best idea for your first cycle. And from what i've been told, most primo out there is fake. So be cautious of that.
a better option may be
300-500mg test ethanate/wk 1-8
25mg winstrol ed week 1-10

weeks 11-13pct


winny s oral not injectable. I decided against every day injections.

pretty sure the primo is legit.


Don't waste your money on Primo. There's absolutely no way you'll lose 20lbs of fat and gain 20lbs of muscle on ANY dose of Primo. Heck, you won't even gain 5lbs of muscle at that dose.

Go with stronger steroids such as test and tren instead and you'll come closer to achieving your goals, though I seriously doubt you will with any amount of gear.


my lifts are kinda restricted by my gym (it's a condo gym so I don't have a squat rack, no barbells or plates)...

Day 1 - chinups, dips, cable rows, machine press, preacher curls, triceps ext, deadlifts with dumbells, ham curls, goodmornings, abs

Day 2 - Cardio

Day 3 - dumbell press with a flye at the bottom, bent over rows, shoulder press, reverse flyes, standing biceps curls, overhead triceps press, leg press, quad ext, abs

Day 4 - Cardio

Day 5 - Off

Day 6 - Squats (with dumbells), shoulder raises, biceps curls, tricepts pressdown, calves, cuban military press, abs

Day 7 - off

I am thinking of doing a temp membership at a buddies gym during the cycle so I can lift more weight. I've kinda learned to make do by just doing supersets and adding reps.


my buddy just did this primo and gained nearly 20lbs (he didn't have much fat to lose)...not sure what his dose was. Maybe it is test he's doing but the guy was hard as a brick and lean as hell.

I've got a big frame and gain or lose weight real easy. I've done a 20lb gain by training hard and eating big in 2 months but it wasn't all good weight. I've also done a 20lb loss by dieting and cardio in 2 months but there was a lot of muscle that went too. I want to add good weight and lose bad at the same time.


If yor friend gained 20lbs on 300mg of Primo a week (for how long?) then it could have been a test. 3 shots of 250mg of test a week could give those kind of gains not primo.

Test is a lot cheaper than primo so when passed of as primo the profit goes way up.

Just be careful with the primo - it may be an anabolic but may not be primo.

If I was you I would focus on one goal at a time - first build some more mass this will help when you go into a cutting cycle.

So the first cycle should be focused on putting on lean muscle mass.

Start with what you were first going to do running with Test-E and Deca with a kick start of Dbol and maybe some stan at the back end.

PCT you want HCG and Nolva (Clomid if you can't get Nolva).

Next cycle focus on you cutting goals - include T3 or T4 in the mix and some clen along with an anabolic base.

  1. I already said I wasn't sure how much he was using. It could have been 200mg 3 x w and I think he was doing winny as well which could have been as high as 50mg/d.

  2. the test/deca/dbol/winny cycle was the one I abandoned.

What I am looking for is what would be appropriate dosages and length of Primo and Winny for my size and goals:

Primo 400mg/w?
Winny 25mg/d?

How long for each?


I don't care if he used stan with it you are not going to get a 20lb weight gain - is this the same friend who is trying to sell it to you?

You should listen to people with a lot more experience than you. If you going to cut then do a cutting cycle but for your first cycle stick with more of the basics.

Choose one goal - gain 20lbs LBW or loss 20lb BF! Don't expect to acheive you goals with that cycle.

First list you diet - each meal. Then training reps, sets, tempo. More details about the cardio.

Think you should look at another membership not only while going on the gear.


You're much better off sticking with test/deca/dbol than primo/winny.


OK, let's start over:

I am doing a cutting cycle. I am looking to lose some fat and get some strength and muscle density. I want to gain no more than 10lbs and I would like to keep as much as possible.

What is a normal dose and cycle length for Primo and Winny for a 225lb male?


First off can you get some test-prop to add in the mix?

With the primo I would run it for 8 weeks and front load it. Also use the stan as a kick start.

If you can get Prop then that would be a bonus and then you may make the changes that you are looking for.

The primo yo can do between 200-600mg p/w I would go for 300mg for your first time. The stan will depend on how it effects you but you can use between 20-40mg per day.

I would also add in some clen and maybe T3 and the back end after the stan for about 4 weeks.

You really need to look at your PCT a little more.


I am on week 3 of a winny primo cycle.
I decided on this after years of looking and taking many examples.
These suited my requirements very well.
1 gains that are kept easily
2 no bloat
3 no gyno
4 minimal pct
5 quality steady gains

I am on 50mg winny injection every 3rd day
100mg primo every 4th day for 8 weeks
got it from a very good source and very good advice.

I am looking for steady gains I would be happy with 5lb gain in lean muscle from this cycle and plan 2 more this year that would be 15lbs solid keepable gains without any bloat or pct or hpta trouble. strength is way up and I have put on 5 lbs already.
Diet is on track as is training. keep the winny and primo its good.


I spend most of my free time asking guys who are stronger/better than me at this game, how they do it...

And about 80% of the guys I talk to with ten or more years of training swear than Winstrol destroyed their joints.

I personally will never use it.


That is a really, REALLY weak cycle. You have to remember that your going to shut down your own test production and so you will have to not only have to make up for your natural test but you obviously want a lot more. So in all honesty you would be much better off using some Fina (75-100mg EOD, this shit is cheap as hell and easy to make yourself...like 25cc's for less than $100)and with the winny that I would bump up to AT LEAST 50mg/day, especially if its oral. Most people I know have said they barely got anything from even 50mg oral. I would also throw in some Dbol or test. But thats just me. Even thats a fairly light cycle. But the combo of the Winny and the Fina makes for some really lean hard gains. What ever you do make sure you have something for post cycle recovery and be sure to eat a ton of protein.


This would be a good stack for Test or DBol but I was avoiding them so I wouldn't need to have nolva or clomid.

I have a cycle plan with test so I will stick to without for now to figure this out.

W 1 Primo 200mg M, W, F (600mg/w)
W 2-8 Primo 100mg M, W, F (300mg/w)
W 1-6 Winny 25mg ED
Flameout for the joints, ZMA makes me sleep good, eat well, train hard.

What should be done for PCT with this stack. Everything I've heard has said that it's unnecessary. Alpha Male or Carbolin 19? Any help on this would be appreciated.


I would add Test Prop or somthing along that line.

Yes you should be using pct - you want to keep all your gains right. Everyone reponse differently so this being your first cycly you don't know what is really going to happen.


what acillary drugs?

nolva is useless because primo and winny don't aromatize.

would clomid PCT be of benifit if estrogen isn't an issue?

Should I use HCG towards the end of the cycle? or would I be able to use something else?


If you not going to run the test then try using proviron - 25mg 2xday you can use right through including you PCT.

Very easy and cheap to get where I am but may not so easy for you but still worth looking into.

Nolva has more than one purpose - so I would still recommend it and some HCG.

The joint issue with the stan may not be a concern as I said everyone is different and you may not respond this way. I don't but do know other that have. SO only one way to find out.


true, i'm hoping the Flameout helps the joints during the cycle if I am prone to it.

Thanks for your help. It's greatly appreciated.