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Primo vs. Var re: Cost


What am I missing here? When deciding which of these compounds to use within a cycle why do I seem to always hear one of the reasons for Primo over Var to be cost? I have been considering Var at 50-60mg/day vs. Primo at 200mg/E3D because to me that seems like a logical comparison...am I off on the Var; would the equivalent be 100mg/day or more?

The reason I pose this question is not because I'm trying to figure out which is cheapest but because from a cost standpoint the above comparison has Primo costing roughly 2 to 2 1/2 times more than that of the Var so my guess is I'm off on the Var since I've researched the Primo dosage to be what I'm looking for.


C'mon...P22, Bushy, KSman...anybody? Rainjack? Suspansion? Push? Maybe I didn't make myself clear: over and over I read that Var is more expensive to throw in a cycle than Primobolan and prices have always been typically in the ballpark of 8000mg of Var @ $160-ish and Primo Dep at $1000mg for a buck twenty-ish; but when you dose em up for a cycle the Var comes out cheaper for me everytime, why? Am I wrong in my assumption (via research) that mg for mg you need much more Primo than Var to be effective?


Both are expensive as hell. Let's say a 10ml multi of primo 100mg/ml goes for 80$, you need 600mg a week so that's 48$ a week. For a short 10 week cycle that's 480$ plus the cost of test. Preeeeetty fuckin expensive if you ask me. Var is maybe even less considering that you wouldn't go that long with an oral.

If you can get primo cheaper than that then PM me cause I'd love hear from you.


I concur...I was hoping either that is what I would hear or that someone would explain to me where my math is off. Thanks for the input.
Btw, I would pay $120 vs $80 so maybe u should PM me lol.
I can quote 2 articles and maybe 4 threads that say otherwise, wtf?


Primo is pretty much like masteron. It's not too great for gaining muscle, but it's good for hardening up a bit and it won't cause any serious sides. This is the reason it is preferred by women, plus since they use less of it than men it would be more cost effective. Var would be your better choice.

Cheaper and more widely available. You'd still have to use a large dose though to really "feel" anything. Again, var is more of a female drug for the same reasons given above.


Both are good for a light cutting cycle but thats about it. Var isn't bad for strength gains but you don't get much muscle from it. Personally I like Var best.

I use it to drop weight (with some clen) and at 50mg/day I tend to gain in strength fairly nicely even while dieting. I've never been a big fan of primo...too expensive and not many results. At least with the var the strength gains are good.

But the cost is a bitch...nearly $500 for an 8 week cycle of var at 50-60mg/day for me. Thats like 2 12 week test cycles.


From what you're saying it sounds like Var is also like Primo in that it still works on a calorie deficient diet; that I did not know.

Thanks guys.


If cost and an issue, consider Masteron.


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Was planning a test and masteron cycle along with either Primo or Var. A new question arises now; are one of these compounds a more or less suitable addition to Masteron?


Personally in that particular cycle I would go w/ var, but that is just my personally opinion based on prior experience.