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Primo: The Beautiful One.


So, after someone ran an 8 weeker of Primo E, and last 4 with TrE at doses ranging from 800P-2000P/800TrE, quietly doing a quite nice pct of SERM. This someone has decided after a month and a half or so to take what he learned from the last experience in terms of tolerances and the old linear curve of effective gains to diminished gains low to high, and apply it to yet another bit more "relaxed" run with the Beautiful One, (Primo), and for the first week or so toss in some left over test/mast prop, and then finish out another 8 weeker of just the P, and possibly a bit of Sir Winstrol for a couple weeks. Kind of cleaning things up one might say in the old treasure chest..

This someone looks to go with the following this time;
Weeks 1-8: PrE-800mg/week.
Weeks 1-2: T/M/prop-250/200mg/week respectively.
Weeks 5-8: Winst-30mg/day.

So the highest amount of andro's will be a nice 1250/week, then a few weeks of just the Beautiful One at 800mg/week, then a final run totaling 1010mg/week.

Someone is expecting a very, very nice and cozy little ride with this one boys.
Primo is such an outstanding and relatively side free gig, that this someone is in love, lol.
Yes, a bit spendy, so not the kind of thing one can do all the time, but it sure is a great thing to behold when one can.



Holy hell hillbilly.

Whoever this person is, is going to certainly enjoy the run. Interested to see how it goes.


Having never used it in large doses, what is it like? Are the gains worth it or would one be just as well using Var or Eq in terms of results?

Simply put - does 800mg/wk put muscle on?!


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I love that pic of DJ. He was an idol of mine when he was still battling the mass era and considered 'small' (FFS).

His genetics IRT his muscle bellies, lengths and shape is just perfect. Flawless.


I have always been intrigued by what everyone says about Primo. The cost has always been a deterrent for me. Perhaps one day I will get to try it. I just don't see the experience being all that different from Masteron-but I would like to try it out to know for sure.


Yeszireebob, the first one was a real doozy and a half, and this one should do very nicely.
Thanks for stoppin by Schmazzaroo!


Heaven, honestly. (Ok maybe I'm just in love though, lol..).
Yes. No, (comparable but inferior imo and ime).
Yes it does and will. (Albeit slower than what the popular/most used, cmpds used offer, but it is lean and mean and sticks afterwards better ime/o).

To clarify though, 1200 is optimal ime. But to stretch out to 7.5 weeks, which one would rather shoot for with the ol enans, then 800 is the magic number, ie; 200mg/ml. Thus a grande total of 30ml to use. Otherwise the length at 1200 would be around 3.25 weeks, which is a tease yes?!

There was a scratch left over aside from the 30ml untouched, which amounts to around another 3ml, maybe 4ml, I believe also which almost gives a full week. So should be around 8 weeks approx.


To answer your last querry more specifically. Here's how the dose breakdown went.

From 800mg/week, Fairly moderate muscle strength gains. Size increase slight, but very, very dry and lean increase. Mild vascularity increase. Zero sides.

From 800-1200/wk, Increased strength and muscle gains, increased vascularity, zero sides.

From 1200-1600, Further increase in strength, muscle gains about the same as 1200, vascularity about the same as 1200. Zero sides.

From 1600-2000mg/week, Almost no difference. Strength mainly increased slightly again though.

Overall there was a weight increase of about 5 lbs during the primo only portion of said experiment. However, there was a significant reduction in fat during this time, which was attributed to the Primo itself. No change in diet or extra cardio was done. This made the gains more significant imo. Better imo/e, than var in similar scheme, and not anything like trenny of course. Somewhere in between.

Cheers mate.:slightly_smiling:


Yes, indeed!

I see you making some headway on your practice my friend, in the bodybuilding thread I believe, w/London Runner. Very happy for you, and quite nice my friend!



Yes indeed. He's quite the speciman now I'll say. Looks like he's good for a few more "O's"!


The difference imo between it and masteron, is that you will gain more mass with Primo. The strength I would say is slightly better too from what I know. Mast does a nice job though. In fact it would be a nice addition in place of the tren when one has a bp issue.

They both enhance Primo's leaning abilities, the former in a mellow way, and the latter in an extreme way yes?!!

If you ever get the chance, do give it a go WHB. 1200/week would treat you well bud.

That's the ceiling from what I determined recently, for gains vs economy and length of cycle related to dose.


Slight change in the weather...

Looks like someone added in an extra component...Imagine that?!

TrE added in to the tune of 400/wk.

Go Team!! :slight_smile:


I'm more growing more and more envious of this someone by the minute...


Ahhh Sir Chillamang, good day.
Yeszireebob, it's all good.


The big difference for me between primo and masteron is that I can run primo a lot higher.

As soon as I get up around 300mg/w of masteron I get so tight that I cramp up constantly (even doing simple things like tying my shoes).

With primo I have run as high as 800mg/w and had zero issues with it....I have never run it higher but I would like to...maybe a project for next cycle if I can find some at a reasonable price.

Personally I would just stack them though. at something like 800mg/w primo, 200mg/w mast along with 300mg test a week you would have a really nic cycle with little to no sides. I have said for a long time that someone needs to make a superbrew with this combo because it is fuckin sweet. Only problem is that they are all enth esters so you couldn't pack that much in there unless you switched the test and mast to diff esters.


TBH you have a very low 'tolerance' for Mast then, as i can easily (as in it gives no negative issue other than what most high androgen doses do to me) run 500mg and i know of a few bodybuilders who run it at 700mg - my man Cortes for one!



Hey FG,
I'm sorry I didn't make it too clear, but the reason for the dosage and scheme on the mast is that all this is "leftover" shtuff maynard. :slight_smile: I agree about what you said regarding the primo and mast. I can tolerate primo better than any other compound as I'm sure most can. Mast I have gone up to around the 700mg/wk + mark a while back. It was pretty "Tight" going at that dose for me too, but I tolerated it pretty well in retrospect.

Now with the difference in sources, who's to say that the 700+ a week I was running wasn't in actuallity less. I can't say for sure, but would be inclined to think so, as I was on a ridiculously high amount of both compounds with little issue as far as sides.

Cheers bud!


See above. :slight_smile: Now you know your product well, and I believe you Brook if you say that. I was definitely up there, but can't say for sure what the brew REALLY was in terms of accurate dosage specs...

Cheers mate!


To recap:

There are some "freaks of nature" circulating out there like Cortes, lol...who can tolerate vast amounts of compounds that many just can't for whatever reason. It must be nice Cortes!!