Primo Test Var Recomp Cycle

Trying to set up my next cycle. Open for suggestions. Currently 6ft 3 at 225lb. Goal is to add about 5lb muscle and lose 5-10 lb of fat. 12-14 week cycle. Like to keep it safe but not afraid to push it a little bit. Attached pics are from my last cycle. 230-235 here during 750 test/400 npp cycle. I always stay pretty lean despite eating around 4500 calories a day.
Cycle thoughts:
week 1-8 test E 600mg
week 9-14 test P 525 mg
week 3-4 400 primo week 5-6 500 primo week 7-14 600 primo
week 9-10 50mg anavar week 11-12 60mg anavar week 13-14 70 anavar


Excellent job man! Great to see a human where this type of action is safe:

Impressive results and impressive genetics if your heart and lipids handle all this. Another confirmation I’ll be moving on to basket weaving as my next hobby. Or maybe endocrinology coach? Hmmm. Everybody seems to be doing it.

You’d do better aiming just to build muscle your whole cycle, rather than recomp. You’re faily muscularly developed so any progress on a ‘recomp’ will likely be quite slow I think.

Nice work man you look great!! If your aiming to recomp I would keep the test lower. Around 300/wk through the entire cycle. For the primo it’s a slow game. I would run all 14 weeks at 600. Let the primo shine. The var if it’s good 50/day should be plenty or sometimes I go 25 var and 25 winstrol. I’m getting ready to run this same cycle after bloods in a couple weeks. Good luck!!!

If you lost 5-10lbs of fat then it would probably look like you gained 5lbs of muscle … and this cycle is overkill to just lose some fat. But, that looks great for adding say 10-20lbs total then cut down to clean that up. I guess that’s what I’d do, but you look way better than I do, so maybe don’t listen to me lol

IMO, you have a good body composition to just add muscle, keeping your current fat content.

Why do you feel you need a lower % body fat?

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Ok thanks for the replys. As for why I want to lower body fat, I just like the lean mens physique type look. Plus loosing fat is easy for me. Was thinking first 7-8 weeks slowly lean bulk and once I start the anavar just cut calories down about 300 and add in a bit more cardio. Did a physique show last year and only cut for 6 weeks.

Save the cut for the next show. More muscle!

BTW, how’s your heart surveillance? Regular BP, RHR, HRR along with at least annual echo and EKG?

Bp 128/78
RHR 60
EKG sinus

At some point get that baseline Echo so you have the bread crumb trail. Hopefully you won’t need it but better to have and not need…

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