Primo Test Put into a Compunded Test Vial

I got primo today and would like to put it into a coumpunded test vial that has 2ml left, is this possible?

You can do anything you want. I don’t know why you would, but you can. It’ll change the concentration of both compounds, but that math is pretty easy to work out.

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@iron_yuppie I need to do it for travel reasons, they’re both test enanthate 250mg

Ok typically when we say “primo” were mean primobolan aka methenolon. You must mean primotestin.

I don’t think anything will happen if you mix the two but it could. They could be in different carrier oils that don’t want to mix but I doubt it. If they do look like they are staying separate you could try heating the blended vial. Just put about an inch of water in a sauce pan then stand the vial in it and heat. Gently swirl the vial to mix it. I really doubt you will have to do that but there is a chance.

Why would you need to put them into one bottle, isn’t the new bottle full as in a full 10ml?
Also you said the original bottle is a compounded test then said both bottles were test enanthate. Compounded means a couple of different esters are in one bottle. Please note if you do have a test with test cypionate in it and you put test enanthate in with it, the chances of it crashing or not blending go way up.

Sorry for the primo methenolon comment, just re read the title of the thread. Didnt register it when I read the OP.

It wasn’t really clarified in my OP, my bad. Thanks for all that info, it could be of use one day.