Primo + Test Long Term TRT?

Does anyone here have long term experience of running a test base with some primo as a TRT protocol? Considering this as an option instead of using an AI. Something like 100mg T per week with 60mg primo, since my current T dose is 160mg per week.

P.S - please do not make this an AI/E2 debate.

I am currently doing 50mg testosterone with 25mg primobolan originally every other day but now every third day. I’m about 3 weeks into primobolan and I will say my physique stays in much better condition overall. Recovery is better as well. I am still having sexual dysfunction so I’m getting labs to see what my test and e2 is. Overall I like the combo I just need to get my drive recovered.

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Why such a low dose and low test base overall ?

That’s a therapeutic level of testosterone for my body hence TRT, and I respond very well to very small amounts as far as physique is concerned.


And why add such low dose primo if on trt??

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When I used to cycle I would use primo or mast to control the E2 sides and it worked well. Prob not a great idea long term as it negatively impacts your lipids but maybe at a low dose it would be negligible.

Id say that at his doses it is pointless to run primo. And if one needs AI on such low dose of test, in my opinion its his body saying to stop that. There are people running 5 grams of test with no problems, and then some need AI for like 160mgs a week. There is a saying “listen to your body” for a reason.

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Primo offers many benefits. Among other things:
-improve nitrogen retention
-Strong binding to the androgen receptor has been linked to direct lipolysis (break fat cells apart)
-shown to significantly enhance the immune system

Although I would suggest a higher volume than planned. I am doing the same thing but my volumes have grown past TRT at this point.

Everyone is different. It is not necessarily a red flag if low dose TRT requires Nolva or an AI. Especially at advanced ages. My nipples get sensitive with any level of test. With blood work and counter measures, things can stay in balance.

But I mean the point of primo would be to go higher dose without using AI. You are going low and actually maybe even running into low E2 if anything. I just don’t see the point of that low of a dose, I could be wrong.

On another note, how are your blood markers and health in general since doing primo regularly.

It think we are all on the same page here, but why go so low and bother with primo? Unless he has godly levels at that dose with ideal E2.

For those questioning the primo dosing, it brings my fullness hardness and vascularity up at only 50mg per week. My body responds very well to it at that low of a dose so I don’t really see a point in trying the more is always better approach. I’ve done more is better on many compounds and all it does is eventually cause more issues later. I am 10 years into using supplements now, I still try new things and also experiment with lower doses. My body doesn’t like high doses of drugs anymore.

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I am talking about such a low TRT dose in general incorporating low primo on top of that. Did you suffer with E2 issues on 100mg a week T?

What are your levels on blood work? Just wondering about some background here how high you were on T alone? Any AI? How low solo T did you go? Etc.

Not saying you gota go ham with the levels and put primo, just wondering why go so low if you are going to add primo.

Hypothetically i’ve tried this.

The notion “steroids don’t burn fat” is somewhat of a fallacy.

Androgen receptor binding within adipose tissue can directly influence adipocyte functioning.

Data at our disposal has generally led to the consenus androgens reduce LPL activity, upregulate sensitivity to catecholamine release, alter fatty acid uptake and modulate insulin transduction pathways and adipokine production.

Depending on the paradigm (deficiency, homeostasis or excess), fat storage and regional distribution will change accordingly.

There are studies exhibiting the direct effect oxandrolone has on body composition. Use is correlated with a decrease in overall bodyfat/altered regional fat distribution!

Primo + T alters androgen to estrogen ratio, and leads to a more polished look to ones physique. You could diet down, or you can take that little bit of primo and be somewhat more lax with your diet yet still attain a similar result.

At miniscule doses lipids were hardly impacted, nor were any bloodwork parameters out of whack. This was quite a long time ago though. Nowadays it’s just 75-100mg T/wk…

@readalot can probably elaborate more.

It’s good to tell novice trainers “steroids don’t burn fat” to dissuade inappropriate use… however this claim isn’t actually true… steroids do burn fat… you can still get fat on steroids, but it’s harder to do so… you can eat far more shit and get away with it while on

Your arteries and kidneys won’t thank you long term though…


That dose didnt burn a gram of fat more than skipping one snickers bar would. The benefits are only on paper. If guys could burn fat on those doses why would anyone take grams of tren and mast…


I can quote studies that look at the effecfs low dose methenolone, oxandrolone etc have on body composition within average individuals.

You seem to be an anomaly, both with regards to your sensitivity and tolerability of AAS. You seem to require larger doses and you can also tolerate high dosages. On top of this, you’re extremely advanced with regards to your level of training and conditioning, thus you would require more to notice improvements in your ready advanced level of physique.

The average individual who isn’t elite status is going to notice more improvement on a lower dose.

For an untrained individual (not that untrained people should be using AAS) very little goes a long way.


I can tell you as someone with a disgustingly high natural metabolism, any little increase in androgens I can eat like a complete idiot and get leaner. I naturally have very little body fat.

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So you just simply prefer this regimen over 100mg of plain T?

For any one that doesn’t get the confusion here it’s like the whole argument for TRT and/or cruise is to do as little as possible with as less things as possible. As opposed to TOT where you push the limits and possibly even add other things. It just seems a weird line to be at severely reducing the TRT dose to that amount if primo is part of the regimen. Hence I keep trying to get background here but to no avail. It’s like “less is more, but I am also doing more“

Test alone isn’t necessary healthier at his dosing.

He’s using 50mg T eod + 25mg Primo eod is 262.5 mgs of hormones/wk

Either way, that isn’t great for you long term.

Most men are fine in 100mg test/wk, that’s trt

I’m very skeptical of anything above 200mg/wk (even that’s typically pushing it) being “trt” for men unless you have PAIS or something like that.

Both e3d is also 175mg/wk… for around 80% of men it’s still considerably above ‘trt’

More like TOT

But some people aren’t necessarily worried about longevity… hell some guys on trt run full on cycles.

No one ever said test + primo is healthy.

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This is getting a bit muddy for readers.

I am on TRT.

Prescribed my my doctor.

The dose is 150-200mg/ week based on how I feel and labs.

I add in roughly 50mg/ week primobolan because my physique improves on it.

Opinions on it are exactly what they are which is fine. If it’s that big of a mystery try it.

I’m not the only person I know doing it and they also have similar effects.

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