Primo/Test E/Anavar Cycle Help

I’m 28, 6’1, 215lbs, 13% body fat. This would be my 3rd cycle. 1st cycle was Test-E only 500mg for 12 weeks and 2nd cycle was Test-E (600mg) and Deca (400mg) for 14 weeks. This would be my first cycle running primo so my goal is to maintain my size while leaning out. If I can even get 220lbs that would be great too. What I’m trying to figure out the dosages I should run the Test-E and Primo together for a 16 week cycle.

Option 1
Test E - 300mg/week
Primo - 600mg/week
Anavar - 50mg/Ed for first 6 weeks

Option 2
Test E - 600mg/week
Primo - 600mg/week
Anavar - same as above

Option 3
Test E - 450mg/week
Primo - 600mg/week
Anavar - same as above

Also, is 16 weeks too long to cycle or should I be good?

If you handled 600 mg find last time, I would do that again. Lots of bang for the buck with test.

If you had more wet compounds in the stack, I might lower test, but since the rest is dry, I’d keep the test high (as long as you’re not going to step on stage of anything).

Cycle length looks pretty good for primo. Are you planning to pct or blast and cruise? If the latter, 16 is great, if former, it’s up to your risk tolerance.

Thank you… I am planning to pct hcg for the 2 weeks between last injection and before I start nolvadex and clomid at 1,000 iu every 3 days then nolvadex for 6 weeks and clomid for 4 weeks

Option 2. Skip the Clomid. Looks like a solid choice for your goals.

Thanks I will drop the clomid

With primo at that high of a dosage, you don’t have to cycle as long. You will see good results in a shorter time. When I run primo at 700mg, I typically do 8-10 weeks because I haven’t noticed much difference beyond that (if any). If you make adjustments to your diet along the way then you should get more out of it for longer. Obviously, if you’ve got the gear for that long a cycle already then the choice is yours.

I’m a big fan of primo, due to the solid gains and mild sides (worst I’ve noticed is lipids getting out of whack). It’s my go-to when I cycle, done it 3 or 4 times now over the years. Not cheap, but worth the money. One of these days I’ll run it with anavar, never tried that one. If I were ever going to run tren again, I would probably try them together. Cause fuck my hairline, right?