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Primo Sustanon Winstrol Cycle


Hello Everybody ,

i need your advice on the following cycle which is my 3rd cycle :slight_smile:

Primo Week 1-16 400/week
Sustanon Week 2-9 Weeks 350-400/week
Winstrol Week 10-15 50mg/Day

What is the right way to do this cycle , will appreciate your advices on this ,

also Do I need to use Arimidix , if yes how much will be the right dosage ?

Thank You


I’ve never ran Primobolan and somewhat of a newbie myself, but I read a lot. So take this with a grain of salt, I’ve read that 400 is the minimum reccomended dose for primo, some people even claiming 600. Can I ask why you’re only running the sustanon a portion of the cycle and not the whole run? I understand cutting it out at week 14 or so to clear the super long ester test though, I’m just curious if your reasoning. I wouldn’t push the winny longer than 6 weeks, maybe even 4 since I’m assuming it’s your first run with it. I’m sure you’ll be fine either way.


Thanks Jyola ,

actually I just want to go with the average period for Sustanon which is 8 weeks , right ?

And you are right , 4 weeks will be enough for Winstrol @ 50mg/day .


Newbs giving advice lol, no offense mates. But there is never a standard or minimum dose of anything in drugs. It’s all individual.

Now into the drugs of its a first cycle I would use something like test enanthate or cypionate, at a ml so 250mgper week. Also since the primo is probably enanthate I would start with .5ml(assuming that its 200mgs per ml) and work up finding the right dose for you.

1 thru 10 100mgs primo 125mgs test e or c 2 x a week
7 thru 10 win by 25mgs pre workout
.5 adex on injection days or 20mgs nolvadex ed with room to adjust.


Yeah I get that Norse but there’s a point where something won’t be effective. I’ve read forums where guys are saying 400mg Primo won’t do anything for them. That’s all I was saying. And hey, I’m trying to get active on the forum! I’m tired of lurking like I have been for years, I wanna start chiming in on things. I have a lot of retained information from years of reading, just not so much personal experience. But that is going to be changing over the next few years. Thanks Norse.

Rebazov how often will you be pinning the sustanon? And I’d say sustanon is typically run longer than 8 weeks a lot because of the decanoate ester. But this is a different situation I suppose.


I get that bud, I’m just saying I know a few guys who grow tremendously on 200mgs of cyp and 200mgs of primo, also a few pro I talk too don’t typically blast primo over 700, stating the return isn’t worth it cost wise. Also a Dorianism he only used 178mgs per week of tren running into shows. So like I intended most from the least first.


Since this is Newbie chime in time. I just ran a test cycle of Winne and test to determine my tolerance to Winne. I found good results in strength but could not tolerate doses >20 mg a day. I found the joint pain to interfere with workouts >20mg. Its not a bad idea to test a few doses out before committing to them. I am currently undergoing a test/primo testing phase to determine dosing on primo. No results yet so no comment on that.
My point is that 50mg a day of Winne would have crippled me but 20mg sign my ass up


I’m with norse on lower dosing here. 200-300mg/wk of test cyp works wonders if it’s your first time. Never done primo but I never felt better than when running 200 test, 50ED anavar, and 100mg/wk (yes, 100mg per week) of deca. Strength and size gains were great, joint pain was nonexistent. On the other hand I’ve seen better strength gains from winny but I have cranky joints to begin with, and I can’t run winny at any appreciable dose without deca.


Well Thanks for all your notes .